23-week babies more likely to live than die, says top doc

The Christian Institute

Babies born at 23 weeks, one week before the current abortion limit, are now more likely to live than die, a senior children’s doctor has said. Pro-life campaigners are calling for the abortion limit to be lowered in light of growing evidence that very premature babies are increasingly surviving.

Children & Family

Childcare centres breed aggression: study


Children placed in childcare centres are more likely to develop hyperactive and aggressive behaviours than those in home care, a study suggests. Researchers from the University of Adelaide monitored the development of more than 3200 children across Australia following time spent in different types of care up to age three.

Extraordinary measures to enhance kids' lives

Claire Van Ryn - The Examiner

The sunny, smiling face of Jack Duffy being piggy-backed by his equally smiling and sunny-faced father Chris is a wonderful picture of parenthood. I've been following his story - maybe you have too. Jack, eight, has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia and can't talk or walk.


Multiple penalties

Rag Trader

It was hauled before the council for failing to disclose it sold sex toys - what else has this lingerie chain in a twist?

Moran art prize: Melbourne artist Louise Hearman wins for portrait of Bill Henson

Adrian Raschella - ABC

Melbourne artist Louise Hearman has won this year's Moran art prize for portraiture. Ms Hearman's portrait of her friend, artist Bill Henson, won over the judges and beat more than 984 other entries.

Drugs & Alcohol

Tony Abbott told to rid cities of grog yobs

John Ferguson - The Australian

An overhaul of alcohol taxes and a review of liquor-licensing laws will be raised today in a bid to curb street violence and protect the $100 billion “night-time’’ economy. Australia’s peak civic leaders will tell Tony Abbott there needs to be a national solution to the ­alcohol and homelessness scourges infecting major cities.

Alcohol, drugs still in system morning after

Bega District News

Several motorists discovered the hard way this week that alcohol can continue to have an effect the morning after a drinking session.


Harm minimisation in gambling? There’s little evidence it works

David Donaldson - The Mandarin

There’s a lack of evidence for Australia’s current approach to regulating program gambling, a new paper by ANZSOG says. Harm minimisation needs more research work. There remains “for the most part only modest evidence” that harm minimisation techniques encouraging responsible gambling actually work, according to a new paper in the current edition of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government’s Evidence Base journal.


Christian pastor glad he confronted Kevin Rudd about views on gay marriage

Martin Zavanwednesday - NineMSN

The Brisbane pastor who confronted then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on live TV on his becoming a gay marriage supporter said he felt "like a deer in headlights" after the PM verbally attacked him. New Hope Pastor and Christian radio host Matt Prater made headlines in Australia and around the world when he asked the Labor leader why he had dropped his previous opposition to same sex marriage on an episode of Q&A in September last year.

Why defending marriage is a pro-life issue

Life Site News

This past weekend saw the 2014 Faith of Our Fathers conference, held in Knock, Ireland, and organised by the Catholic Voice newspaper. John Smeaton, chief executive of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Children (SPUC) and the co-founder of Voice of the Family, delivered an address entitled Why defending marriage is a pro-life issue


Pressure groups and the lessons political leaders should learn

John Warhurst - SMH

Now the national conference of the Australian Christian Lobby at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra, featuring Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as a key note speaker, is over, it is timely to reflect on its broader political lessons. These are more lasting than the initial publicity over the "Hey Hyatt, don't support hate" Facebook campaign that criticised the hotel for hosting ACL on the grounds of its aggressive, and sometimes highly inflammatory, opposition to same-sex marriage.

Mike Baird hoses off ICAC mud to soar as premier pick: Newspoll

Mark Coultan - The Australian

NSW Premier Mike Baird has ­defied the ongoing donations scandal that has claimed the scalps of 10 of his Liberal colleagues to cement his position as the ­nation’s most popular state leader.

Victoria state election poll shows Labor leading Napthine government

Josh Gordon - The Age

The state government is heading towards a historic election loss as voters mark it down over health, education and jobs. In a sign the government is failing to gain traction just four weeks from the November 29 election, the inaugural Fairfax Ipsos poll shows the Coalition lagging Labor 44 per cent to 56 per cent in two-party-preferred terms.


Where's the outrage over Saudi treatment of women?

Garry Linnell - Brisbane Times

Imagine a nation that treats a huge section of its population as little more than slaves. A nation where many are not allowed access to a full education or a professional career. Picture a place where some citizens can count themselves lucky if they are allowed to show their faces in public, let alone attend a sporting event. Now imagine this: a football stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this Sunday. Then, at the opening kick-off, the Wanderers all sit down and decline to play until Saudi Arabia agrees to recognise women as equals.

‘Defending the faith as important as preaching it’

The Christian Institute

A respected Christian author and pastor says believers “need a theology of defending themselves in the courts”, pointing to the example of the Apostle Paul in the Bible. Kevin DeYoung made the comments on The Gospel Coalition website, showing that Paul believed that preaching the gospel and defending it from attack are equally important.