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David Leyonhjelm creates impasse over same-sex marriage conscience vote, but why?

John Warhurst - The Age

The proposal for a conscience vote in the federal parliament on same-sex marriage is increasingly becoming a political football. At a time when there is relatively little direct debate over the substantial issue, the matter of parliamentary process has taken over.


Mum of 22-week baby left to die calls for guidance change

The Christian Institute

Nearly 3,000 people have urged the Welsh Government to change medical guidelines, after a baby born less than two weeks before the legal abortion limit was left to die in hospital. Emma Jones’ son Riley was breathing independently for 93 minutes, but staff at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales refused to treat him because he was born at just 22 weeks and three days into the pregnancy.

Disability and humanity

Vaughan Olliffe - On Line Opinion

Earlier this year, Richard Dawkins tweeted that it would be immoral not to abort a baby if you knew it had Down Syndrome. While his comments caused outrage, the reality is that the abortion of Down Syndrome babies is nothing if not routine, with 67% of babies with the condition aborted in the USA. The figure is higher in Australia and Europe.

Charities & NFP

Charities commission set to stay, despite Coalition's promise

Judith Ireland - SMH

Another Abbott election promise looks likely to be broken, with the federal government struggling to get enough Senate support to axe the charities watchdog.


Children's e-Safety Commissioner aims to clean up the net, yet again

Adam Turner - Brisbane Times

The long-proposed Online Safety Bill is finally before Federal parliament, designed to force social media giants like Facebook to deal with the growing problem of bullying via new communications technologies. There's little argument that cyber bullying is a serious issue in Australia, but there's plenty of debate as to the best way to deal with it and other online safety issues.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

India: Surrogacy in the shadows

A Subramani & Janani Sampath - Times of India

Two decades after registering the first surrogate delivery in the country, Chennai is emerging as a hub for couples seeking a womb on rent. Fuelling this growth are the city's healthcare infrastructure and proliferating fertility clinics.

Drugs & Alcohol

Smoking ban in Sydney's Martin Place may spread to other public spaces in the CBD

Business Insider

A plan for a 12-month smoking ban at Sydney’s Marin Place next year may lead to further areas of the CBD becoming smoke-free. The City of Sydney will vote on the year-long trial ban – proposed by Liberal councillor Christine Forster – at the next council meeting on 8 December, with a full-time ranger allocated to enforce the restriction if it is approved, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Bloody idiots: More drug-drivers killed on roads than drink-drivers

Herald Sun

More people are killed on the state’s roads while driving under the influence of illicit drugs such as ice than from alcohol, police statistics show.

Organised crime and addicts using darknet to trade

Herald Sun

Growing numbers of addicts use virtual currency online to buy drugs, police warn. Hi-tech organised criminals use the “darknet” to sell illegal drugs and guns, stolen credit cards, identity data and child exploitation material. Authorities warn this online black market of illicit goods, secretly peddled, is thriving.


Australia's suicide rate drops but males four times more likely to suicide than females


Australia's suicide rate has dropped, but males are still four times more likely than females to kill themselves, according to a new report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.


Slump in resources earnings hits indigenous businesses living big on royalties

Paul Cleary - The Australian

Plunging mineral prices are causing havoc for wealthy Aboriginal corporations, many of whose executives have become used to the income generated by their boomtime royalty cheques.

Overseas Aid

Foreign aid faces further cuts, Julie Bishop confirms

David Wroe - The Age

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed foreign aid may be in the firing line for savings along with other areas of the budget but has blamed Labor for any future cuts.


GDP: Australia enters income recession, dollar dives as economy stalls

Mark Mulligan - SMH

The Australian dollar plummeted to fresh 4½-year lows on Wednesday as the country entered a technical income recession and gross domestic product expanded just 0.3 per cent in the September quarter.


Federal government boosts Australia’s refugee intake by 7500

News Corp Australia

The federal government will boost its refugee intake by 7500 as part of a deal with Senate crossbenchers. The increase will occur over four years and will bring the overall humanitarian intake to about 18,750, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Bishops call us to day of prayer for the persecuted in Middle East

Robert Hiini - Catholic Weekly

Australia’s bishops have announced a national Day of Solidarity with Christians in the Middle East this Sunday, 7 December, calling on Catholics throughout the country to throw their spiritual and material support behind their suffering brothers and sisters in the region.

Sexualisation of Society

Blessing Bill Henson's dark desires: What is the Anglican Church thinking?

Caroline Norma - ABC

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse sat in Tasmania last week to hear matters relating to the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania. But top Anglican clergy in the state of Victoria apparently felt little obligation to cross the Strait to lend moral support to their colleagues.


US: Court awards ‘trans’ student $75,000, orders school to allow boys into girls’ bathroom

Kirsten Andersen - Life Site News

A court in Maine has ordered the Orono School District to pay $75,000 to a homosexual advocacy group and allow self-identified “transgender” students to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex, ending a nearly seven-year legal battle that began after school officials tried to safely accommodate a boy living as a girl who was bullied in the girls’ restroom.

US: Radical leftists now endangering female athletes

Matt Barber - Life Site News

Writing on behalf of the National Federation of State High School Associations, Pat Griffin advises every high school administrator in America that, according to the Federal Office of Civil Rights, Title IX requires that boys pretending to be girls, and girls pretending to be boys, must be permitted to compete on, and share locker room and showering facilities with, the sports teams of the opposite sex.