Abortion Motion will be debated ... in Canada

Tobi Cohen – National Post (Canada)

If you thought the abortion debate was over in Canada — think again.On Thursday, MPs will get a chance to debate pro-life backbench Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s private member’s motion calling on Parliament to examine whether a foetus is in fact a human being.



A Catholic way of being Green: We need a human ecology

Deacon Keith Fournier – Catholic Online

The Catholic Church has been green for a lot longer than any modern environmental movement. We are called to a relational environmentalism; one of stewardship with the earth which God has made and entrusted to us to care for and share. "There exists a certain reciprocity: as we care for creation, we realize that God, through creation, cares for us.


No Hiding for MP Craig Thomson

The Daily Telegraph

The opposition has rejected attempts by embattled Labor MP Craig Thomson's legal team to suppress the long-awaited investigation report on him, claiming it was just more "obfuscation".


Kevin Rudd a favourite to challenge Julia Gillard .....again

John Masanauskas – Herald Sun

VictorianALP and union sources say a fresh leadership challenge against Julia Gillard could be mounted by August, with Kevin Rudd still considered the best option. But it is believed some Labor MPs are pushing for a ticket led by Defence Minister Stephen Smith with Employment Minister Bill Shorten as his deputy.


Windsor withdraws support for Slipper

Lenore Taylor – Sydney Morning Herald

The Gillard government's hopes of having Peter Slipper back in the Speaker's chair in time for the May budget have been dashed, with a second key independent MP deciding Mr Slipper should stand aside while all claims against him are heard.



Welfare lobby suggests budget cuts

David Uren – The Australian

The budget contains plenty of fat that can be trimmed without affecting services to people in need, the nation's peak welfare group ACOSS says, proposing measures to yield $8 billion a year in savings. The Australian Council of Social Service has attacked budget support for private health and education expenses, tax concessions favouring people on high incomes and family trusts.


Media facing new watchdog

Mark Day – The Australian

A new regulatory body, funded by government and with powers to impose fines and sanctions on news outlets, is a key proposal of the long-awaited Convergence Review of the media sector. The new body would be headed by a retired judge and would be additional to the Australian Press Council, which would continue to function as a self-regulatory watchdog on print and online media, according to sources close to the review panel.