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Why Tony Mundine can say it – 18c makes other concerned Australians fear saying it

Mark Tronson - Christian Today

Andrew O'Keefe from Weekend Sunrise was invited to Indigenous Boxer Tony Mundine's home and not only has his remarks gained national attention but his comments surrounding homosexuality have certainly left their mark.


UK government paid out £95 million in ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuits after failed abortion/contraception

Thaddeus Baklinski - Life Site News

An example of the extreme pressure on doctors and health care systems to offer eugenic testing aimed at aborting the disabled has surfaced with the revelation that the NHS has paid more than £95 million in 104 “wrongful birth” lawsuits in the last decade. Sixty cases remain outstanding. Most of the payouts involved parents who gave birth to disabled children after a doctor failed to diagnose a fetal abnormality.

Charities & NFP

Faith and charity

Kerby Anderson - Probe Ministries

Here is an interesting fact. Families in San Francisco give almost exactly the same amount to charity each year as families in South Dakota. Arthur Brooks talked about this in his book, Who Really Cares? He went on to explain that these two communities were very different. They were separated by not only geography but by many cultural differences.

Children & Family

Births rise for first time in five years

News Ltd

For the first time in five years there's been an increase in births, according to statistics released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. In 2012, 307,474 women gave birth to 312,153 babies - an increase of 3.4 per cent on the previous year.


Ashley Madison ‘I’m looking for someone other than my wife’ ad is Australia’s most complained-about of 2014


An ad for controversial marital affairs website Ashley Madison, which was blocked from launching in Singapore at the end of last year, is the most complained about in Australia this year, according to the country’s advertising watchdog. A 30-second ad in which men sing a song with the words “I’m looking for someone other than my wife” received more complaints – 418 – than any single ad in Australia since 1998.

Record number of ASB complaints in 2014

Rachael Micallef - Ad News

A record number of ads were complained about in 2014, with the “ick-factor” the number one cause of concern, according to the Adverting Standard Board (ASB).

CafePress glamourizing violence against women with Xmas rape shirt

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Who thinks of such things? A long-sleeve Christmas T-Shirt, with festive motifs, adorning the word ’Rape’, the word itself made from candy canes. A petition has been launched to get CafePress not only to take it down but to pre-vet products before they are sold.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Happy news today for Senator Penny Wong


Things are going to get very noisy in Parliament House in the first quarter of next year. And not for the reasons you might expect. South Australian Senator Penny Wong and her partner Sophie Allouache have announced they are expecting their second child in April next year.


Doctor-prescribed suicide would imperil the vulnerable

Maria V. Gallagher - Lancaster Online

Her body had been emaciated, but her spirit soared on. With all the strength she could muster, my mother gingerly walked across the rehabilitation center floor. I had never been prouder of her. From an outsider’s point of view, the cancer seemed to be winning, but in that moment, my mother was victorious. She was dying, but she was not dead yet, and she planned to live for as long as she naturally could.


Problems of the heart

Nicole King - Mercator Net

Epidemiologists have known for some time that marriage shields men from lethal heart attacks. Now a new study concludes that wedlock affords women similar protection.

US advisory board rejects recommendation to lift gay blood donation ban

Julie Greksa - Sydney Star Observer

Blood donations from men who have had sex with men (MSM) any time after 1977 will continue to be “indefinitely deferred” in the US, after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently failed to recommend lifting the ban. The decision comes after the 17-member committee met last week to discuss the possibility of lifting the 31-year-old lifetime ban, which was enacted at a time when AIDS was an epidemic within the gay community.

Overseas Aid

Foreign aid slashed by $3.7bn in Myefo taking total Coalition cuts to $11bn

Shalailah Medhora - The Guardian

The foreign aid budget will be slashed by a further $3.7bn over three years, taking the total funding cut to the sector to over $11bn since the Coalition took office. The aid budget will be cut by $1bn in 2015-16, $1.35bn in 2016-17, and $1.37bn in 2017-18.


Budget deficit now $40.4 bln for 2014/15

News Ltd

The deficit forecast for the federal budget has blown out to $40.4 billion. That compares with the $29.8 billion deficit predicted by Treasurer Joe Hockey in May. The treasurer released his mid-year economic and fiscal outlook on Monday.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Former US diplomat Linda Howard fights ‘sex slave’ maid’s $3 million damages claim

Shannon Derby - Herald Sun

A Melbourne woman accused of keeping a house maid as a virtual prisoner and sex slave is fighting moves to force her to pay out more than $3 million in damages. Former US diplomat Linda Howard, who lives in Docklands, is defending the action brought by her former housekeeper, known only as Jane Doe, in the Victorian Supreme Court.


Last asylum families ship out from Christmas Island

Paige Taylor - The Australian

The last of the asylum-seeker families held on Christmas Island began leaving for the Australian mainland yesterday as part of ­Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s deal with crossbench ­senators.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

International concern over detained Ethiopian Christians

Stefan J. Bos - Bos News Life

An influential rights group says three Christian men have been "wrongfully arrested" in southern Ethiopia and that two of them face years of imprisonment for refusing to abandon their faith in Jesus Christ and return to Islam.

Netanyahu commiserates with persecuted Christians

Jerusalem Post

The prime minister commiserated with Christians in the Middle East who are facing persecution by extremist groups, such as Islamic State. “The shrinkage and disappearance of entire Christian communities, communities that were there thousands of years, since the birth of Christianity, entire communities that are deleted in one fell swoop, brutally, savagely,” Netanyahu said.


Nativity scene brings thoughts of Jesus' birth

Claire Van Ryn - The Examiner

Bit proud of myself. I made my own nativity scene - after many years trying to find something that, A) isn't a ludicrously-coloured kids' version, and B) doesn't cost a month's pay.

The No Gender December agenda

Rachel Hennessy - Overland

To date, however, only around 2000 ‘heroes’ have taken the so-called ‘pledge’ on the No Gender December website, with this number including those who are actually mocking the campaign. The interest is abysmal, especially when you consider a ‘cute baby goat’ compilation gets over a million views on YouTube. Does such a small response reflect the success of conservative derision or did the campaign fail to connect with even those parents who were probably sympathetic to the idea in the first instance?

Christians respond to unfolding news of hostage situation in Sydney’s CBD

Eternity News

As news continues to unfold about a major police operation in Sydney’s Martin Place, in the CBD, we’re compiling immediate responses from Christians around the country.