Charities & NFP

Charities call for aid budget to be spared

News Ltd

Charities are urging the federal government not to make any more cuts to the foreign aid budget as it looks for savings to fix its widening budget deficit.

Children & Family

UN report promotes children’s ‘right’ to abortion without notifying parents

Life Site News

A recent report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) says that laws against abortion, sex work, drugs, and same-sex relationships impinge upon the freedoms and potential of young people. In the report, which was heavily criticized by C-FAM and the Population Research Institute's Steven Mosher, UNFPA also says that young people worldwide -- including minors -- should have unrestricted freedom to engage in contraceptive sexual intercourse and abortion without parental involvement.

There's still work to be done in child protection

Karen Healy - New Matilda

A recent report on child protection in NSW highlights opportunities for even greater improvement. The job of case workers in the child protection system is one of the toughest in the public service.

Domestic violence prevalence a national shame

Carol Brown - The Examiner

Domestic violence is a crisis that faces our nation and can only be addressed through cultural, behavioural and attitudinal change. In Australia one woman is killed almost every week and one woman is hospitalised every three hours because of domestic violence.


Kim Kardashian, put it away!

Chloe Maxwell - KidSpot

Kids are online more today than ever before, and having Kim Kardashian's butt 'going viral' every few weeks doesn't make for good teenage viewing,

Donor Conception, Gender Selection & Surrogacy

Gender selection: Australian couple spent $50,000 and travelled to US to have baby girl

The Guardian

With three sons already, Jayne Cornwill and her husband Jon were intent on having a baby girl to complete their “family puzzle”. So much so, when it came to a fourth child, the couple decided to travel to the US for gender selection treatment – a controversial procedure banned in Australia.

Drugs & Alcohol

Father horrified by drug trade

Gabrielle Knowles - The West

The father of a Perth teenager who jumped off a balcony after taking synthetic LSD says he is alarmed Chinese companies are still pushing the deadly drugs into Australia and even boasting about the size of their customer base in WA.

Ecstasy and crystal meth drug bust accused are family men facing life in jail

The Daily Telegraph

Three men allegedly caught red-handed trying to import nearly three tonnes of illicit drugs are unassuming family men with a love for rugby and Pacific Island culture. Akuila Bisasa, Solomone Komai Vukici and Jason Drollet, all aged 34, have been charged with trying to import 1917kg of ecstasy (MDMA) and 849kg of crystal methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of $1.5 billion.

Batch of the drug ice leaves Victorians fighting for life

Tammy Mills - The Age

A batch of the drug ice has left three Victorian men fighting for their lives and another seriously ill in hospitals in Melbourne and country Victoria, police say. Police confirmed it was a batch of methamphetamine, known as ice, that triggered a severe respiratory reaction that caused four men to be hospitalised. Friends of the men have also suffered similar, but less severe, symptoms.


Christopher Pyne announces compromise on government's higher education package

Matthew Knott - The Age

The Abbott government has made major concessions on its proposed higher education reforms in a bid to strike a Senate deal to deregulate university fees by the end of the year. The concessions will cost the budget approximately $3 billion over four years, substantially reducing the government's proposed savings from the higher education portfolio.

Homelessness & Poverty

Kevin Andrews challenged on facts behind social security ‘blowout’

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Disability Support Pension numbers have grown only 1 per cent in the year since the Abbott government said welfare was unsustainable, ­according to a key welfare advocacy group.


Mike Baird steps up on Recognise vote

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

NSW will become the first state to declare support for a referendum to recognise the First Australians in the Constitution as Tony ­Abbott further warns of a “long road ahead” for a successful national vote.


Finnish Lutheran Church see mass resignations over gay marriage

Amanda Casanova - Religion Today

A number of people have resigned from Finland’s Evangelical Lutheran Church after the Archbishop said he supported same-sex marriage. Finland’s parliament voted late last week to allow same-sex marriages. So far, nearly 1,200 people have registered on the “Leave the Church” website, announcing their defections from the Church.

Tony Abbott faces another Senate headache over David Leyonhjelm threat

Judith Ireland - The Age

Prime Minister Tony Abbott faces opening up a new battle front in the Senate, with Liberal Democratic senator David Leyonhjelm pledging to block government legislation if MPs are not allowed to properly debate his same-sex marriage bill.

Same-sex bill won't come to vote: Abbott

News Ltd

Prime Minister Tony Abbott doubts whether a new bill legalising same-sex marriage will ever come to a vote in the Senate.


Buck stops with Tony Abbott after a ragged week

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

As public commentary and condemnation rose over Tony Abbott’s political tactics and the first-term Coalition Victorian government fell at the weekend, the Prime Minister decided he needed to hold a press conference early yesterday.

Former Treasury official: Budget deficit to blow out by $35 billion

Gareth Hutchens - The Age

The Abbott government's plan to bring the budget back to surplus has been dealt its third significant blow in recent weeks, with new analysis indicating the deficit will blow out by $35 billion over the next four years.

Senator Bob Day’s budget prescriptions

Australian Conservative

Every teenager, every family, every business and every government in the world that gets into financial difficulties says the same thing: “If I could just get a little bit more income, I’d be fine. Well, I am sorry to break the news but it never works".

The Australian Sex Party’s Fiona Patten on track to win seat in Victoria’s upper house

News Limited

The Australian Sex Party’s Fiona Patten is on track to secure an upper house seat in Victorian Parliament.

Sexualisation of Society

Arresting Batty dad on porn 'not urgent'

News Ltd

Police did not rush to arrest Greg Anderson the week before he murdered his son Luke Batty because he was considered a low risk, an inquest has heard.

UK: 1 in 6 children accessing pornography at school

The Christian Institute

A new poll has found that one in six pupils have accessed pornographic websites on school computers. Children aged 11 to 16 admitted to side-stepping teachers’ safeguards according to the study, commissioned by an internet service provider.


Sex abuse cover-ups ignore God's teachings

Claire van Ryn - The Examiner

I am sorry. I am so desperately sorry that fellow Christians have at times misrepresented Jesus by protecting people who sexually abused children. People who should have faced immediate investigation. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is revealing a disgraceful culture of cover-ups in the Church and other institutions.

Nick Vujicic's wife, Kanae, tells of 'magical' moment they first locked eyes in 'love without limits'

Nicola Menzie - Christian Post

Kanae Miyahara Vujicic, wife of "limbless evangelist" Nick Vujcic, tells of the "magical," yet complicated moment she first laid eyes on the man she believed she would marry, in their new co-authored book, Love Without Limits.