Children & Family

Divorce’s shocking toll on children: school results suffer amid rise in drugs and alcohol

The Times

Divorce has a devastating impact on the children of divided couples, leading to poor examination results and driving them to abuse alcohol or drugs, a survey has found. Almost two-thirds of children whose parents divorced said that the breakup affected their school results. One in eight said they had turned to drugs or alcohol to ease the stress.

High household debt and cost-of-living pressures causing depression, suicide attempts

Zoe Daniel - ABC

Sudden unemployment led to spiralling household debt that drove one Melbourne man to attempt suicide three times, but a new approach to supporting families through financial crisis has helped him see a future.

Drain baby's mother charged, prompting calls for baby hatches


A mother has admitted to police that she left her newborn baby in a stormwater drain in western Sydney, prompting calls for hospitals to introduce baby hatches.

Drugs & Alcohol

Ice addiction: Children in Canberra as young as 13 abusing methamphetamine

Jonathon Gul - ABC

Children in Canberra as young as 13 are among the growing number of young people abusing the drug known as ice, according to a drug treatment service. The Ted Noffs Foundation has warned ice is becoming more prevalent amongst young people, particularly those from a disadvantaged background.

Australia’s ice problem skyrocketing: Salvos


The Salvation Army is feeling the impact of Australia’s debilitating ice problem with a 122 per cent spike in Sydney users of the drug seeking its help. The charity organisation says cases of speed and ice usage have now surpassed the usage of cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and gambling dependence combined.


‘Chalk and talk’ teaching might be the best way after all

Kevin Donnelly - Mercator Net

Seventy teachers from the UK were sent to Shanghai to study classroom methods to investigate why Chinese students perform so well. Upon their return, the teachers reported that much of China’s success came from teaching methods the UK has been moving away from for the past 40 years.

Human Rights

Rise Up councillor plans to take sexual orientation fight to Equal Opportunity Commission

Craig Butt - The Age

A Rise Up Australia candidate in the state election who failed to stop a local council from promoting same-sex relationships plans to take her case to the Equal Opportunity Commission, claiming she has been discriminated against.


Indigenous grants extension a debacle, Greens say

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

The Greens have described a six-month extension of indigenous grants as a “debacle” and a major failure of process.


The music of man and of woman

Carolyn Moynihan - Mercator Net

The interreligious colloquium on The Complementarity of Man and Woman in Marriage held at the Vatican this week ended on Wednesday with “A New Affirmation of Marriage”. The short inspirational text evoked images of a wedding that brings together not only bride and groom but their extended families, friends and neighbours. It also highlighted generational links and the bodily self-giving that is inseparable from marriage.

Rick Warren at the Vatican: "We’re more effective and better together than we are apart"


Right now in the world, the minority view is getting the majority of press, and you just don’t hear the fact that the vast majority of people believe that marriage is what it’s always been since the Creation: one man and one woman for life.

As gay marriages rise, now comes the case for same-sex divorce

Lucy Perkins - WWNO

In 2008, Lauren Beth Czekala-Chatham traveled with her then-partner from their home in Mississippi to San Francisco, a few months after gay marriage became legal in California. They'd been together for about a year and a half before they decided to get married. After the ceremony, they went back to Mississippi, where they lived together. Then a year later, they decided to split up. The state of Mississippi doesn't recognize same-sex marriage, however, so they couldn't get a divorce there.


Labor will stand-up to discrimination and fight for equality

Daniel Andrews - Vic Labor

An Andrews Labor Government will fight the discrimination and homophobia that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse and Intersex Victorians still face in 2014. Labor will start by putting equality at the heart of the Government’s agenda with a dedicated Cabinet role, and establishing a whole-of-government Ministerial Advisory Committee to make sure laws and services aren’t leaving LGBTI Victorians behind.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

She agreed to have sex with him. But this man may still be guilty of rape.

Nina Funnell - Mamamia

Earlier today in the ACT Supreme Court, a 51-year-old man pleaded guilty to one count of sexual intercourse without consent. His plea came after having sex with a sex-worker in the knowledge that she was not giving full and informed consent at the time.

Child trafficking on the rise: UN


One in three victims of human trafficking worldwide is a child, many of them subject to sexual exploitation or forced labour, a UN report says. Overall, child trafficking has increased five per cent since 2010, with girls and women accounting for 70 per cent of the overall number of victims worldwide, according to the report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Isis in Iraq: The trauma of the last six months has overwhelmed the remaining Christians in the country


After 2,000 years, a community will try anything – including pretending to convert to Islam – to avoid losing everything


Respect Project leads to purity in motivation

Claire van Ryn - The Examiner

Take a group of young adults, aged 20-something, and have them apply the 1 Timothy 5 ethos to every element of life. Treat older women as mothers and younger women as sisters - at uni, out shopping, on social media, in the supermarket, at work, on the road, in the newspapers and magazines they read. I'd call it The Respect Project.

As you grow, so should your dresses

Life Site News

My note to teenagers: Don’t be fooled into thinking that less clothing will get you more of what your heart desires, unless your hearts desires more heartache.