‘We’re not designed to take the lives of our children’

The Christian Institute

In the latest of our ‘Choose Life’ series, Lynn Coles, who supports women suffering the terrible after-effects of abortion, shares her experience. As an Abortion Recovery Facilitator, she has been able to assist women from a variety of backgrounds who have undergone abortions they came to deeply regret.

Children & Family

Adoption over abortion: MP wants financial incentives for women not to end pregnancies

Rose Bolger - ABC

Pregnant women should be given financial incentives to encourage them to choose adoption over termination, a Tasmanian MP says. It is part of a push to increase the number of babies available for adoption.


Calls to ban Bavarian Bier Café over ‘offensive’ pork ribs advertisement

Anthony Gough - Herald Sun

Outrage over an advertisement comparing a woman’s body to a piece of meat has prompted calls to boycott a popular city eatery. The ad, for pork ribs at the Bavarian Bier Café chain, includes a photograph of two buxom women along with the slogan “We’ve got the best racks”, referencing the cut of meat as well as the ample busts of the models.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Health minister: UK could offer GM baby ‘tourism’

The Christian Institute

A health minister has been heavily criticised for suggesting that overseas patients could be offered controversial procedures to create three and four-parent babies if the techniques are legalised in the UK. Politicians raised concerns that the Government could be liable for spiralling legal costs if the children born as a result of the procedures have medical problems.


Teachers galore? A brief analysis of the 'Oversupply of Teachers' in NSW

James Deehan - OnLine Opinion

Recent media reports would have us believe that Australia is experiencing an "oversupply of teachers". At first glance, the statistics support this assumption.


Greens' silence on folly of wind and solar power

Ian Plimer - News Weekly

A simple evaluation of ideological electricity shows that it is unsustainable. The answer is certainly not blowing in the wind. The amount of energy embedded in steel pylons, concrete footings, blades, wiring, magnets, land clearing and roads is more than a wind pylon would ever generate in its working life. Wind farms cannot generate electricity in a gentle zephyr or a gale, cannot operate continuously and optimistically operate at 20 per cent of nameplate capacity.


Margaret Somerville: Rejecting euthanasia and respecting the secular spirit

Margaret Somerville - National Post

Recently, Jonathan Kay, John Moore and I participated in a panel on CBC’s The National, discussing assisted suicide and euthanasia. Kay supported extreme individual autonomy: Whatever their reason, competent adults should have the right to euthanasia. Moore proposed some conditions, such as terminal illness, on exercising that right. I argued that we should reject euthanasia, in part, because it’s dangerous for vulnerable people and society.


Faith in the face of Ebola: Church in Sierra Leone looks to rebuild society

John Burger - Aleteia

In many places in West Africa, communities are still struggling with widesrpead sickness and death from the Ebola virus. But Father Paul Morana Sandi is already looking toward the day after health officials give his country the all clear. Father Sandi seemed hopeful as he spoke last week of plans the Diocese of Bo, Sierra Leone, has to rebuild after Ebola.


Idaho ministers shouldn’t be forced to officiate gay marriages

Jeff Jacoby - Boston Globe

On October 7, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage. On Oct. 15, county clerks in the state for the first time issued marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Five days later came startling news out of the Idaho resort town of Coeur d’Alene: Two Christian ministers, owners of the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, had been told by local officials that they were now required to perform same-sex weddings, or risk fines of up to $1,000 and as much as six months in jail if they refused.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Fears of exploitation after low fees for Asian sex workers revealed

Eamonn Duff - SMH

Behind this steel door lies an illegal Sydney vice den in which Australian- and Asian-born sex workers are expected to provide the same service, to the same clients, at a vastly different price.


The 200,000 Syrian child refugees forced into slave labour in Lebanon

Robert Fisk - Independent

While the world obsesses over the atrocities committed by Isis, the plight of those forced to flee the country has been largely forgotten.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Petition to overturn Asia Bibi's death penalty surpasses 200,000 signatures

Cath Martin - Christian Today

A petition on Change.org appealing for Asia Bibi's death sentence to be overturned has attracted more 230,000 signatures. Bibi's death sentence for blasphemy was upheld by a court in Pakistan last week, prompting outcry from the country's persecuted Christian minority.


The high cost of modern heartbreak

Mercator Net

Heartbreak. It ain’t what it used to be. Seems like a weird thing to say, but you can call me convinced after reading this recent article from Time. Here are five parts of modern life that affect the dynamics of heartbreak: