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Religious groups hit out at Labor's move to rewrite state's equal opportunity laws

Henrietta Cook - Brisbane Times

Religious groups will ramp up campaigning against a Labor proposal that will make it harder for faith-based organisations, including schools, to discriminate against employees because of their faith or sexuality. The Australian Christian Lobby, Christian Schools Australia and the Catholic Education Office have hit out at Labor's move to rewrite the state's equal opportunity laws, which would require religious organisations to justify how their need to discriminate was relevant to the requirements of a particular job.


Unborn babies are “organisms” says a British court


A girl suffering fetal alcohol syndrome is refused compensation to help with her care.

Children & Family

Child trauma linked to alcohol misuse, mental illness

Daniel McCulloch - The Examiner

A surge in Tasmanian children experiencing stress and trauma is occurring amid increasing parental drug and alcohol misuse and parental mental illness, according to a five-year report.

The Roman Catholic Church cuts ties with agency over pro-gay adoption ruling

The Christian Institute

The Roman Catholic Church has reluctantly cut its ties with the largest specialist adoption agency in Northern Ireland, following a court ruling in favour of gay adoption in the Province.


Target puts Australia’s Classification Board to shame

Family Voice Australia

“We applaud Target – who, following significant community concern, is removing the sexually violent computer game Grand Theft Auto V from all stores,” FamilyVoice Australia Research Officer Ros Phillips said today. “Target has put to shame Australia’s Classification Board, which gave this game an R classification, allowing it to be freely sold to adults in family stores.”

Drugs & Alcohol

62 charged in Qld bikie drugs probe

Yahoo News

More than 60 people have been charged in connection with a bikie drug-trafficking ring, as authorities seized drugs worth almost $3 million.


Christopher Pyne leads back-to-basics drive in early years for numeracy and literacy

Natasha Bita - The Australian

A back-to-basics national curriculum that drills students in literacy and numeracy during the first three years of schooling will be considered by the nation’s education ministers this week.

Homelessness & Poverty

Poverty, the rule of law, and human flourishing


Poverty can only be reduced in societies which are governed by the rule of law.


Indigenous kinship care risks creating ‘lost generation’

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Child protection policies that are specific to Aborigines will ­create a “lost generation” of kids, who are placed in unsafe and unsuitable situations, a new report by the Centre for Independent Studies warns.

Overseas Aid

United Nations launches biggest ever appeal, calling for $US16 billion for aid work in 2015


The United Nations has launched its biggest appeal in history, calling for $US16.4 billion to provide aid to nearly 60 million people worldwide next year.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Ethiopia destroys evangelical church building; 100 Christians forced underground

Bos Life News

Some 100 evangelical Christians in eastern Ethiopia were without a central place for worship Friday, December 5, after local authorities destroyed their church building, a church official and rights activists said.

Boko Haram abducts 20 more girls in Borno, burn houses

Osun Defender

The Boko Haram sect has reportedly abducted over 20 girls in Lassa, a town in Borno State.Quoting a member of the community, Daniel Ibrahim, SaharaReporters stated that the Boko Haram sect also killed many people, mostly old men and women, before they kidnapped the women.