US: Did you hear about the pro-life-leaning woman who defeated a pro-abortion man last Tuesday?

Bill Kristol, Elise Stefanik - Life Site News

While most of last week's election coverage centered on Republicans retaking the U.S. Senate in the 2014 midterms, the GOP also made gains in the House of Representatives as the Democrats' “War on Women” theme fell flat in congressional districts nationwide. In one high-profile race, a female candidate who opposes abortion in most instances took the seat of a congressman who readily supported taxpayer-financed abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Drugs & Alcohol

ACT Government to release discussion paper on regulating e-cigarette use

Tom McIlroy - The Canberra Times

People under the age of 18 could be banned from buying e-cigarettes, as the ACT Government considers ways to regulate their use and reduce consumer appeal. The proposal is included in a new discussion paper on reducing the harms of personal vaporiser devices, set to be released by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher on Wednesday.


UK: Let Muslim primary school teachers wear full-face veil in class – Rowan Williams

John Bingham - The Telegraph

There is no need to “panic” about Muslim primary school teachers wearing the full-face veil in class, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Williams, has insisted. He said concerns that young children would struggle to learn from a woman whose face was covered were “largely misplaced” and that there are other ways to "read” what people are saying.


The tragedy of physician-assisted suicide

John McClean - The Age

Last month, Brittany Maynard became the face of the campaign for euthanasia. Newly married and only 29, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour on New Year's Day this year. She had surgery but by April, the tumour had returned and her prognosis was bleak. She was told she had about six months left.

Poll: Giving people the right to die

The Age

Do you believe terminally ill people should be given the right to decide when and how they die?

Philip Nitschke referred to tribunal over 12 alleged cases of misconduct

Helen Davidson - The Guardian

Medical tribunal hears euthanasia advocate had been referred over the Nigel Brayley case as well as 11 other matters.


Accused scammer 'gambles away $5.2m'


A Queensland man has been accused of gambling away more than $5 million of retirement funds fleeced from mum and dad investors. Mark Steven Grevsmuhl, 47, faced a Brisbane magistrates court on Tuesday charged with 49 counts of fraud.

Homelessness & Poverty

No government prepared to commit resources needed for homelessness, says director general

Jade Macmillan - ABC News

A group of homeless men from Rockingham hope a Senate inquiry into affordable housing in Western Australia will go some way towards getting people off the streets.

Human Rights

Carrington Public School bans Remembrance Day hymns and prayers

Neil Keene - The Daily Telegraph

A NSW school has banned hymns or prayers from its Remembrance Day service today because families of pupils are supposedly “overwhelmingly secular”. Until this year, pupils from Carrington Public School, near Newcastle, were integral to an annual public service at the suburb’s cenotaph, but principal Meredith Lindsay ruled this year that the school would no longer take part.


What do Christians get wrong about gay marriage and religious freedom?

Eric Metaxas - Christian Post

The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear appeals affecting gay marriage could pave the way for legalization of the practice in every U.S. state. Eric Metaxas, author, TV host, and outspoken religious freedom advocate, shares what he thinks is missing from the marriage debate.


Palmer's Lambie headache just became a migraine

Paula Matthewson - ABC

Ex-communicating Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party for disloyalty would only seal her reputation as Queen of the Underdogs, and Clive Palmer knows it.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Observers decry Muslim silence over murder of Christian couple in Pakistan

Thomas Williams - Breitbart

Rufin Anthony, the bishop of Islamabad, has denounced the culpable silence of Muslim leaders who have failed to forcefully condemn what is being called “the worst religiously motivated hate crime in Pakistan's history”—the recent murder of a Christian couple in Pakistan.

Sexualisation of Society

It's not 'anti sex' to want to expose pornography's complicit role in child abuse and trafficking

Laura McNally - The Guardian

The growing number of internet users stumbling upon images of child sex abuse indicate that child sex abuse is not so far removed from the glamorised world of adult pornography. In fact, I would argue, it is part of its continuum.

Calling on X Factor to cut ties with RedFoo and make a stand against rape culture

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Sign the petition, tell Channel 7?s X Factor there’s no place on their show for men who promote rape culture and to cut ties with Redfoo


The rise of the labellers

Michael Thompson - On Line Opinion

There is an insidious tendency creeping into modern discourse of labelling people with whom one disagrees. Such a tactic violates two fundamental principles of our democracy – the right to innocence unless proven guilty and the right to free speech. We have labels like Islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic, Asianophobic, xenophobic, racist, misogynist, androgynist, anti-Semitic and so many others. It seems each day a new label is invented. If you want to silence someone you disagree with simply invent a label that you can pin upon them.

Nicholas Tonti-Filippini remembered for his faith, courage, scholarship and unquenchable zest for life

Catholic Communications

Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini, Australia's first hospital ethicist, prolific author, internationally acclaimed bio-ethicist and Associate Dean of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family died this morning in Melbourne after a long and constant battle with ill health.