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Same-sex 'marriage' being forced upon U.S. ministers of religion

Patrick J. Byrne - News Weekly

They said that if same-sex “marriage” were legalised, it would not be forced upon churches and ministers of religion. Well, now it is happening in the United States of America, the home of the free.

Warrnambool Presbyterian leaders raise awareness of Christian victims of IS

Jono Pech - The Standard

Warrnambool Presbyterians joined more than 600 churches across Australia to pray and raise awareness about the suffering of religious and ethnic minorities overseas at the hands of violent extremists. The rise of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria has brought disruption to the lives of many Christians, Yazidis and Muslims, according to Warrnambool Presbyterian Church senior minister Ben Johnson.


UK: Sex-selective abortion clarity ‘urgently needed’

The Christian Institute

MPs are to debate sex-selective abortion tomorrow, in a bid to clarify the law on the issue. Conservative MP Fiona Bruce has tabled a Ten-Minute Rule Bill, with cross-party support, in order to “put beyond doubt” that sex-selective abortion is illegal.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Gay couples' decision to donate sperm to their lesbian friends ended in 'mutual loathing'

Adam Lusher - The Independent

A gay couple’s decision to donate sperm so their two lesbian friends could have children was a “wonderful” and thoroughly progressive endeavour. But it has ended in “mutual loathing”, bitter litigation and a custody battle that encapsulates some of the potential pitfalls of modern life, a High Court judge said today.

Drugs & Alcohol

How many calories are in a glass of wine?

Jenna Price - The Canberra Times

Leading surgeons are lobbying to get weight loss surgery made available through the public health system. In the Medical Journal of Australia yesterday, surgeons Michael Edye and Michael Talbot claim it's the best treatment option for some.


UK: Department for Education in ‘gay rights’ row

The Christian Institute

The Department for Education has faced further accusations of forcing faith schools to promote gay rights under controversial new schools regulations.


John Piper expresses 'sadness' over Brittany Maynard's assisted suicide

Cath Martin - Christian Today

Evangelical pastor John Piper was among the Christians expressing sadness at the death of Brittany Maynard over the weekend.

What do we know about Brittany Maynard’s death?

Michael Cook - Mercator Net

Did Brittany Maynard die freely? This is the question that must be asked after the attractive 29-year-old woman with a brain tumour announced earlier in the week that she would probably postpone the assisted suicide she had scheduled for Saturday, November 1.


Horse race betting more than doubles during Spring Racing Carnival

Samantha Landy - Herald Sun

The Spring Racing Carnival spurs thousands of extra Australians to punt on the horses - more than twice as many as any other time of the year. Overall, betting on the races has declined in the past decade, as have almost all forms of gaming.


Cash ‘currency of alcohol and drug trade’

Paige Taylor - The Australian

It doesn’t get much more remote than the Ngaanyatjarra lands in Western Australia’s deep inland, yet peddlers of illicit drugs even have customers there now, says Aboriginal leader Bruce Smith. Mr Smith, 55, said “everyone knows” young people are injecting drugs in some of the 12 remote communities dotted across the 250,000sq km of ranges and ­desert that he oversees as chairman of Ngaanyatjarra Council.


Same-sex marriage costs the ACT more than $800,000

Tom McIlroy - The Canberra Times

The Abbott Government's successful High Court challenge against the ACT's historic same-sex marriage law has cost territory taxpayers more than $800,000 in legal bills. Solicitor-General Peter Garrisson told a Legislative Assembly hearing on Monday that the ACT had paid $500,000 in legal costs to the Commonwealth Government after the nation's first law allowing couples of the same sex to marry was overturned in December 2013.

For richer, for poorer: the difference marriage makes to family fortunes

Carolyn Moynihan - Mercator Net

Looking back, there are some things not to like about the year 1980: the persistence of the Soviet empire, apartheid in South Africa, women’s power suits… But there is one thing from that year that could do us a lot of good today: the number of parents who were married.

Overseas Aid

Ebola: Abbott government relents, will send Australian volunteers to treat victims

Peter Hartcher - Sydney Morning Herald

The Abbott government is set to announce that it will assist several hundred Australian expert volunteers travel to one of the Ebola hotspots of Africa to help control the epidemic. The government has struck an agreement to manage a British field hospital in Sierra Leone, according to diplomatic source


UK: We need more Christians in politics, say MPs

Gillan Scott - Christian Today

Last Monday I found myself with a crowd of church leaders and parliamentarians from around the country listening to a group of MPs sharing stories of how Jesus has changed their lives. Having become so accustomed to seeing politicians playing party political games, it was incredibly refreshing to hear honest and personal talk that has nothing to do with point scoring and everything to do with honouring God's name.

Three minor parties pledge to defend Judeo-Christian values

Michael Murphy - News Weekly

The outcome of the Victorian state election on November 29 is expected to be close — very close. For a number of months, the opposition Labor Party has enjoyed a lead in opinion polls, but this is narrowing as the election approaches. The polls also suggest that a number of seats will be decided by margins of one per cent or less.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Brothels back call for business as usual during G20

Natalie Bochenski - Brisbane Times

Premier Campbell Newman and Lord Mayor Graham Quirk aren't the only ones calling on Brisbane residents not to desert the inner city during the G20.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christian couple burned alive for blasphemy in Pakistan

Thomas Williams - Breitbart News

A Christian couple, 35-year-old Shahzad Masih and his 31-year-old wife Shama Bibi, were burned to death Tuesday morning by a Muslim mob in the south of Lahore (Punjab province), accused of committing blasphemy for allegedly burning pages of the Qur'an.

Hundreds of ancient Christian manuscripts saved from clutches of ISIS

Carey Lodge - Christian Today

More than 1,000 ancient Christian documents have been saved by a Dominican priest who managed to escape ISIS militants in Iraq.


Donors to gay causes consider their next steps

Avi Wolfman-Arent - Philanthropy

The Arcus Foundation’s latest effort in support of gay and lesbian issues began with an ominous question: "Is there a future for the LGBTQ movement?"