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Children & Family
Fatherless youths run riot

Joanna Bogle - Mercatornet

Will the mayhem in British cities this week finally convince doubters that family structure matters?

Drugs & Alcohol
Increased heroin use raises concern
Daniel Breen - Geelong Advertiser

Paramedics say heroin use is starting to become a more prominent health issue in Geelong. An influx of high-strength heroin has ambulance services and police on alert, while so-called party drugs also remain a concern. Experienced Geelong paramedic Ralf Harries said overdoses from party drugs were the toughest to treat but conceded ambulance officers had noted an increase in heroin cases, an issue rammed home by a spike in heroin-related deaths in the city during the past week.

Inquiry to follow Crime Commission director's $120m drug bust
Jodie Minus - The Australian

The NSW government will launch an independent inquiry into the state's Crime Commission after a former director was found guilty today of conspiring to import drugs into the country. The NSW government will launch an independent inquiry into the state's Crime Commission after a former director was found guilty today of conspiring to import drugs into the country. Police Minister Mike Gallacher said the state government would establish a special commission of inquiry to review the accountability and structure of the commission.

Court reserves decision on chaplaincy program


The High Court has reserved its decision on whether the National School Chaplaincy Program is legal. The challenge was mounted by Queensland man Ron Williams who believes taxpayers' money should not be spent on such a scheme because the Constitution bans a religious test as a qualification for a Commonwealth office.

Pollies talk the talk on condoms in our schools
Anthony DeCeglie - PerthNow

The WA Health Department recently launched a book for WA parents urging them to talk to their children about sex from birth. The 'Talk Soon. Talk Often' book advises parents to discourage gender stereotypes, warns of the dangers of digital communication including Facebook, provides strategies to deal with kids who "call everything gay'', and urged parents to emphasise healthy relationships as a prerequisite for sex. It’s about time the department and politicians showed even more maturity and seriously debated a trial of condom machines in our public high schools.

Online betting promises new social grief

Editorial - The Advertiser

Revelations that an online betting company is paying large amounts of money for people who hand up potential new customers is evidence that better regulation is urgently needed. It has only been through the rigorous implementation of new rules as quickly as the pokie industry can find ways around them that the worst excesses of that industry have been eliminated. No such rigor has yet been applied to the world of online gambling.

Ladder gives youth a step out of homelessness

Luke Ball - SMH

The AFL Players Association chief executive, Matt Finnis, calls it ''footy's best-kept secret'', Already, centres have been set up in Melbourne and Adelaide, with more being planned around the country. About 35 young people who were homeless or at risk now have accommodation, with many making real progress towards building the life skills.

Queanbeyan confronts homelessness - 30 families live in tents
Mark Sawa - Queanbeyan Age

The causes of homelessness are multiple and the battle to eradicate the problem is never ending. Community groups, support agencies and volunteers last Friday joined residents who have been homeless to mark National Homeless Persons Week. In Queanbeyan Park, 110 cardboard box homes were erected to symbolise the number of people in Queanbeyan understood to be homeless. St Benedict’s Community Day Centre co-ordinator Susie Wallis said the 110 figure was based on 2006 census date.

Human Rights
Deportation flight could kill bed-ridden 96yo: family


A northern Tasmanian family is worried their 96-year old relative could die on the flight to the United Kingdom if she is deported. Gladys Jefferson wants to stay in the state with her only family, but she has been refused a permanent migrant visa because of her ailing health. Her son-in-law, Paul Grigg, says it is now impossible for her to fly back to the Isle of Wight.

Gay marriage will cost Labor seats: claim


Labor will lose federal seats in Queensland and western Sydney if it backs gay marriage, a member of the party's powerful national executive says. Joe de Bruyn says lower house MPs from the sunshine state are particularly nervous as polls show the ALP facing electoral oblivion. "There are people who believe that this issue could lose them the next election," Mr de Bruyn, the national secretary of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association, said.

'Sesame Street' Petition to Make Bert & Ernie Gay Sparks Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Nicole Menzies - The Christian Post

An online petition that has amassed more than 4,000 signatures is calling on producers of venerable children's show "Sesame Street" to have Bert and Ernie tie the knot.

Religious Persecution
Muslim radicals kill ten Christians in Nigeria

Michael Ireland - ASSIST News Service

Members of a radical Islamic group, Boko Haram, have killed at least ten Christians in Maiduguri, Nigeria over the past two months in what one Christian leader is calling a “silent killing” of Christians. In an interview with International Christian Concern, an anonymous local church leader explained, “Boko Haram is seeking to eliminate Christianity because they want Islamic (Sharia) law. They don’t want to see anything Christian in the northern states [of Nigeria].