The ACL compiles a daily media monitoring services of stories of interest relating to children, family, drugs and alcohol, marriage, human rights, religious freedom etc. See here to read what's in the news today.



Children & Family

Harold Mitchell - SMH

I sat next to wonderful woman on the plane the other day. She was one of 11 children from a humble but happy family which didn't seem to want for anything. She had good parents and good support throughout her life. Our chat made me start to think about families and the values that guide good business.

Louise Tarrant - The Punch

By mid-century Australia will need almost one million aged care workers. That means almost five per cent of our entire national workforce will be engaged in caring for the burgeoning ranks of the old and frail.


Michael Bodey - The Australian

The South Australian government has refused classification to the brutal horror A Serbian Film the day before its Australian DVD release. Attorney-General John Rau asked "the Federal Government to urgently reconsider its decision to classify the 2010 horror movie, A Serbian Film, as R18+".

Drugs & Alcohol

Donna Sharp - Newcastle Herald

The number of babies born to illicit drug users across the Lower Hunter is on the rise with staff at John Hunter Children's Hospital treating more than 50 "addicted" babies a year.  New figures reveal 238 babies were born addicted to substances including heroin, cannabis, amphetamines and opiates over the past 3? years.


Erin Somerville - Central Western Daily

It isn’t all fun and games on Facebook for teachers. Simply befriending or communicating with a student through any social media network can have potentially devastating consequences on a teacher’s career.  As parts of the USA begin to make social networking between teachers and students illegal, many people are now asking if the same should be done here.


Patrick Smith - The Australian

The select committee into everything gambling will sit again today. Heavies from the racing industry will give their thoughts and answer questions on who is betting or gambling on what, when, where and why. All of them may as well go home and wash the dishes, pat the dog or clip the hedge.

Human Rights

Nicole Winfield - Associated Press

Pope Benedict XVI has denounced the profit-at-all-cost mentality that he says is behind Europe's current economic crisis, and says morals and ethics must play a greater role in formulating economic policy in the future


Natasha Simpson - ABC

Legislation scrapping federal ministerial power to overturn territory laws has passed the Senate after a fiery debate about its potential impact on gay marriage. The bill, tabled by Greens Senator Bob Brown, would mean Territory laws could only be disallowed with agreement from both houses of Federal Parliament.


Piers Akerman - The Daily Telegraph

Detailed circumstantial evidence now suggests Craig Thomson may have misused union funds when he was national secretary of the Health Services Union.

Religious Persecution

Christian Concern

After a recent lull, there has been a fresh outbreak of violence in Nigeria which has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 Christians.

Jewish Online News

The Greens today, requested that their opposition to a motion condemning the boycott and persecution of the Max Brenner chocolate stores be recorded in Hansard.

Sexualisation of Society

David Rood - The Age

A controversial child pageant has been cleared by Victoria's Child Safety Commissioner who found it did not sexualise children. Last month's Northcote pageant triggered an outcry, with calls for child pageants to be banned and American child star Eden Wood withdrawing because her mother feared for her safety.