Brothel safety a dangerous myth

Caroline Norma - The Age

There is an alternative to a model that profits from the prostitution of others.

STAFF at Consumer Affairs Victoria must have broken into a cold sweat this week reading a report in The Age about a prostitute who plans to sue a brothel over a violent incident there. The ability of Consumer Affairs to continue to collect licensing fees from pimps, otherwise known as ''sex work service licensees'', who run legal brothels in Victoria depends on news about violence against women in the brothels not becoming public.

Argentina bans prostitution ads in newspapers


ARGENTINA is banning prostitution ads in newspapers.

President Cristina Fernandez has decreed the ban takes effect today, saying women need protection from violence and sex trafficking.

Taiwan moves to allow special sex zones


TAIWAN'S cabinet today passed a bill to allow red-light districts as the island moves to regulate and decriminalise the sex trade.

Green with class envy and bent on change

Kevin Donnelly - The Punch

Last week’s decision by the Independent Education Union of Australia to split from the Australian Council of Trade Unions because the ACTU supports the Green’s stance against non-government schools is the correct one.

Devout Muslim Diaa Mohamed sharing the 'real truth' of Islam

Nathan Klein - The Daily Telegraph

"MUSLIMS can be whingers and they tend to blame everyone but themselves for the way people view them."

They are the words of a devout Muslim man who is determined to show the real people behind the religion.

Harry Potter's victory over Christian wowsers

Tim Kroenert - Online Opinion

It wasn't exactly Nazi Germany, but it was, nonetheless, an appalling act of biblioclasm. Someone from the local community had donated a set of young people's fantasy novels to the thrift shop attached to the church that I had attended since childhood. The then-managers of the store, whom I had thought to be kindly and moderate Christian folk, literally put flame to the unfortunate tomes.

Labour has lost the moral right

Jeff Kennett - Herald Sun

OVER the past few weeks I have been trying to establish why our Federal Government is tracking so badly in the polls.

Polls are only ever a guide and a historic one at that, because by the time they are published they are already history. But over time they represent a trend.

Cash, gas and gay marriage on LNP agenda

Daniel Hurst - Brisbane Times

Concerns about the contentious coal-seam gas industry and mining exploration could be aired at the Liberal National Party’s state conference which kicks off today.

Rudd's sister offends gay marriage lobby


Gay marriage advocates and Holocaust survivors are demanding an apology from Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's sister after she accused some Labor members of being brainwashed by a "global gay Gestapo".

Classification reform: internet horrors reveal gap in Australian sensitivities

Nick Ross - ABC Online

Australia's classification system is currently undergoing a public review. But there is a chasm-like disparity in points of view in the public submissions. To one side there are those who are fundamentally against censorship. They are joined by gamers who are pushing for an adult-classification of video games. On the other side are those who want the classification system to ban all 'objectionable content' in Australia.

Heroic News helping pro-lifers take culture's pulse

Marianne Medlin - Catholic News Agency

Denver, Colo., Jul 14, 2011 / 02:33 am (CNA).- The pro-life advocacy group Heroic Media has launched an online site featuring breaking news on life issues such as abortion, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research.