Privacy moves 'no risk to free press', Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor says

The Australian

HOME Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor has insisted his push for greater privacy protection will not muzzle a hostile media as critics claim the changes could undermine press freedom.



School kids should walk the dog, not walk with God

Jo Thornely - The Punch

My sister enrolled her son in primary school this week, and wrote ‘No’ on the enrolment form next to ‘Scripture’, boldly letting her share of the $165 million tax dollars used to fund the National School Chaplaincy Program gurgle godlessly down the plug’ole. Atheists are so wacky.


Unforgiveable sin: Confessing to child abuse

The Punch Team

Moves are afoot in Ireland to lift the sacred secrecy of confession - so priests will be jailed if they don’t report child sex abuses revealed to them. SA Senator Nick Xenophon has been pushing for similar changes in Australia, arguing that innocent children deserve more protection than religious practice. We asked him for some more details.


Constitution an "Alice in Wonderland" view of democracy and rights

James Allan - Online Opinion

The naivety of the Australian Greens' constitutional reform policies are matched only by the bad consequences they would engender, were this country ever unlucky enough to see them come to pass.


Respect of marriage act seeks to silence voters, says policy analyst

Stephanie Samuels - Christian Post

A policy analyst denounces the proposed Respect of Marriage Act introduced in the Senate Wednesday as a tool to redefine marriage in the federal government as well as in the 30 states that had define marriage in their constitution as between one man and a one woman.


Fed up with the same old same-sex fight

Helen Razer - The Drum

A few months back, I wrote a piece for the newspaper on same-sex marriage and why the Fight for the Day in White was 10 kinds of homo-loco hopeless.

Needless to tell, the "community" acted severally and angrily and I received an open invitation to function as a urinal in a down-at-heel men's bathhouse.



MP apologises over gay hate slur

ABC News

The Tasmanian Labor backbencher Brenton Best has apologised to a Liberal MP over a gay hate slur made in State Parliament.


Lawmakers in house vote to restore Mexico City policy

Nicola Menzie - Christian Post

 In an effort to challenge President Barack Obama's pro-abortion policy, a House panel has endorsed a ban that would prevent American tax dollars from being used to fund abortions abroad. The panel's action comes as two states toughen their laws on late-term abortions.


Children as young as 13 are being allowed to gamble on poker machines with real money on Facebook

Joe Hildebrand - The Daily Telegraph

CHILDREN as young as 13 are being allowed to gamble on poker machines with real money on Facebook, prompting calls for an urgent government crackdown.


Sri Linka, human rights and foreign policy in a tweet

Phil Lynch - The Drum

Kevin Rudd, or @kruddmp to his online followers, likes to tweet. I strongly support his use of Twitter - social media is an important new tool in the world of digital diplomacy - but I was struck by one message from the Foreign Minister on July 4.


Fresh protests as Malaysia deal locked in

ABC News

Fresh protests have broken out at two immigration detention centres as it emerged a refugee swap deal between Australia and Malaysia is set to be finalised early next week.


Why 'good' sharia is championed in some surprising quarters

Richard Ackland - SMH

The court cases of Tolga Cifci and Wassim Fayad are ready-made for hefty doses of hyperventilation by portions of the media, particularly commercial broadcasters.

Sex Party seeks to bed Bob Katter


Colourful federal MP Bob Katter will be invited to a Brisbane sex convention as the Sex Party seeks candidates and support in its first foray into Queensland politics.

Sex Party convenor Fiona Patten said the party would be out whipping up support from 40,000 people expected to attend this week's Sexpo.