'Can I thee wed?' Same-sex marriage in Australia

John Murphy - Online Opinion

 The issue of same-sex marriage in Australia is fraught with associated problems that confuse the central issue. These problems range from a residual opposition to same-sex relationships on the social and political level to the religious consciences of those who see them as sinful and immoral.


Gambling survey finds support for pokies reform

ABC News

 The push for pre-commitment technology to be installed on poker machines has been boosted by the results of a national survey on attitudes towards gambling.


God help us, our children, if ignored

Maralyn Parker - Daily Telegraph

IN his report released this week, the Commonwealth Ombudsman summed up many criticisms we have had for years about the school chaplaincy program.


'Culture of self-harm': Ombudsman launches inquiry into asylum seeker mental health 


THE commonwealth ombudsman has launched an inquiry into suicide and self-harm in Australia's immigration detention centres.

Thou shalt not covet thy school chaplain's skills - he has none

John Birmingham - Brisbane Times

Two hundred and twenty million dollars would buy a lot of school halls. You remember school halls. Big, airy barns. They started popping up all over the country during the Global Financial Boo Boo as a way of keeping a few bucks moving through the hands of tradies, pie shops and ute dealers.

Christian group chides Apple for yanking iTunes after 'anti-gay' allegation

Nicola Menzie - Christian Post

The Christian group affected by Apple's decision to pull its iTunes service from its charity website is fighting back accusations that it is "anti-gay." It also said that Apple is sending the message that it doesn't want to do "business with Christian people" if it continues to cater to every petition by gay rights activists.


Dis-respect for Marriage Act

Sydney Nichole Thomas - WorldMag

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony last week regarding The Respect for Marriage Act, a bill that attempts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman and affirms that states can refuse to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.


Critics blast continued funding for stem cell research

Eryn Sun - Christian Post

A judge ruled on Wednesday that the federal government would be allowed to continue funding embryonic stem cell research, overturning his previous decision in 2010 when he halted further government spending on the study.