Common sense, not research, nurtures our kids

Frank Furedi - The Australian

Anyone involved in the business of rearing children will know there is always the potential for failing to understand the actions of the younger generations. No doubt, inter-generational miscommunication is a fact of life. However, today, matters are further complicated by the displacement of good old reliable common sense by the rhetoric of formulaic parenting advice and so-called research.

What gay couples need to hear about 'donor' conceived children

Maggie Millar - Online Opinion

There have been a number of articles and television programs in recent months about the burgeoning world trade in babies. There has also been much discussion about the rights of gay couples to donor conception and adoption, especially of overseas infants. No doubt this is one of the things the gay community thinks the PM needs to hear, and the three gay couples are sure to raise it with her at the much publicised dinner they will shortly share with her at the Lodge.

Marriage Right Vs Rite

Geraldine Doogue invites six people to dinner to explore arguments for and against same sex marriage in Australia.

Last week Compass featured the stories of three same sex couples who would dearly like to get married - if only they could. This week we hear a range of different views on this issue: Anglican Bishop The Right Reverend Robert Forsyth, Baptist minister Reverend Nathan Nettleton, Catholic Jesuit priest Father Frank Brennan, Professor Dennis Altman, broadcaster Julie McCrossin and dad Geoff Thomas. In a lively and robust dinner discussion with Geraldine Doogue each makes their case, and argues the pros and cons of allowing same sex couples to marry in Australia.

NY companies abandon domestic-partner benefits after gay marriage

Napp Nazworth - Christian Post

Same-sex couples, after fighting to be allowed to marry in New York and other states, are now struggling with what that might mean for their domestic-partner benefits.

Presbyterian Church's new rule allowing gay ordination takes effect

R. Leigh Coleman - Christian Post

The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. has officially cleared the way for openly gay men and women in same-sex relationships to be ordained as clergy.

Gaga makes her point with electro pop and fashion

Bernard Zuel - SMH

Conservative Catholics think they've got problems with the progressive social agenda of the Left? Wait until they get a taste of Lady Gaga.

Who should pay for education?

Richard Williams - Online Opinion

In an article in The Age (20/6/11) former Victorian education minister Lyn Kosky drew attention to the continuing project of undermining our state education system. Kosky was spurred to write by two similar proposals, one by Tim Hawkes, principal of The King's School, and the other by Brian Caldwell, a former Dean of Education at the University of Melbourne. The essence of these proposals was that parents with high incomes who chose to send their children to state schools are an untapped source of funding. Hawkes suggested this should be for poorer state schools; Caldwell suggested it should be for capital spending in the schools their children attended.

Play safe, remain stagnant

Sean Nicholls - SMH

NSW Labor's annual conference can be neatly summed up using one of two words: ''whitewash'' or ''progress''. And as always with Labor, the one you favour depends mainly on which faction you belong to.

Labor support for same-sex marriage, but no vote

Sean Nicholls & Anna Patty - SMH

NSW Labor has voiced its support for the introduction of same-sex marriage in Australia, but avoided a vote on the issue after opposition from a key right-wing union.

Right rolls over and lets political correctness censor the world

Brendan O'Neill - The Australian

Across the world, miles of column inches and hours of television and radio debate have been devoted to the closure of the News of the World. And yet the gravity of what occurred last week has not been grasped anywhere.

Spoonful of sugar helps carbon medicine go down

Mark Kenny - The Punch

Julia Gillard has attempted the political equivalent of cold fusion - making a big new tax popular. Having backflipped on a promise not to introduce a carbon tax, and against trenchant opposition from a barnstorming Tony Abbott, Ms Gillard had little choice but to plough on, to crash or crash through.

Carbon price plan: a lucrative affair

Annabel Crabb - The Drum

Well, here we are. Tangling, at last - four years after the expression was popularised by our immediate past prime minister - with the greatest moral challenge of our generation.

A fraud on the Australian people

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax is the most brazen fraud to be perpetrated by an Australian government.

Warming believers should be outraged that the tax is so useless.

Sceptics should be outraged it’s so pointless.

It offends the intelligence of everyone and threatens the jobs of thousands. For nothing.

What the papers are saying about carbon tax


The government's clean energy plan contains some costly compromises, but retains its integrity by respecting fiscal discipline, acknowledging that adjustment must be gradual and recognising that the market should eventually set the carbon price, The Australian says in its editorial today.

A tax and welfare package as much as an environmental plan

Malcom Farnsworth - The Drum

After labouring for months, the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee has brought forth a tax and welfare package as much as an environmental policy.