Violent video game link to Norway attacks

Laura Parker from Gamespot discusses the latest on an R 18+ video game rating in Australia amid reports Norwegian police found violent games at the suspected gunman's house.

Violent games will keep on firing

Phillip Hudson & Norrie Ross - Herald Sun

THE Federal Government says it will not reverse the decision to introduce the R18 video game classification after reports the Norway terrorist had a collection of violent video games.

Thousands rally against New York gay marriage law

Katherine T. Phan - Christian Post

NEW YORK – Christians were among the thousands of New Yorkers that protested the new gay marriage law Sunday in a massive rally that spanned across four cities.


The real me

Janie B. Cheaney - World Mag

One of the more compelling arguments in favor of same-sex marriage is that it rights an ancient wrong: the denial to an entire class of people of the right to live in accord with their true selves, with the same rights as others who are more favored. Sexuality (the argument goes) is as much a part of who one is as skin color. The prejudice against biracial marriage fell years ago; isn't it time for the bias against same-sex marriage to go as well?


A gay time for NY marriage 

The Age

SEVERAL gay couples have become the first to wed legally in New York, the largest US state to sanction same-sex marriage.

Ethicist in dispute on mother's care

Kate Hagan - The Age

A PROFESSOR of medicine and ethics is fighting a court battle to continue administering the affairs of his elderly mother, despite her granting him those powers before being diagnosed with dementia.

Church and state are split over an irreconcilable difference

Bill Uren - The Age

One can certainly share the sense of frustration and, indeed, quite patent anger and irritation of the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, in his recent criticisms of the Vatican. In the face of overwhelming evidence of sexual and physical abuse by clergy, religious and Catholic institutions in Ireland, the Vatican seems reluctant to accept its share of responsibility. It also seems unwilling to co-operate without reservations with the Irish government's proposals to prevent such abuse in future.

The God complexity: a faith war in our schools

Michael Bachelard - The Age

IT'S on for just 30 minutes a week and it's taught in fewer than half of all public primary schools in Victoria, but religious education has the power to stir mighty emotions.

Doctors, church want rights charter extended to unborn

Farrah Tomazin - The Age

 VICTORIA'S charter of human rights should be overhauled to protect the rights of unborn children and the rights of health professionals to object to abortions, according to doctors and the Catholic Church.

Not religious? Don't give religions cause to take chunk of your tax, say Atheist Foundation

Jessica Craven - The Courier Mail

ALMOST 15,000 people have joined an Atheist Foundation of Australia push to mark "no religion" on the August 9 census.

Bullying, uncouth youth the product of a free rein

David Humphries - The Age

If the primary obligation to ensure the welfare of children is parental, as I believe it is, how is it I don't have the faintest idea of what passes for social media communications at home? The prospects worry the hell out of me but I'm hitting my head against the wall interrogating the teenagers. They know I'm blind-sided by ignorance of a technology I've not bothered to conquer.

The West must learn lessons of history to avert tragedy in Africa

Kevin Rudd & Andrew Mitchell - The Australian

THE crisis in the Horn of Africa is a looming catastrophe. But it's a catastrophe the international community can avoid. If we learn lessons from the past and act fast, we can save hundreds of thousands of lives.


Wilkie threatens to ditch Gillard

Peter Jean - Canberra Times

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says he will withdraw his support for the Labor Government if Prime Minister Julia Gillard fails to win parliamentary backing for poker machine law reform.


Newspoll delivers a slight warming to carbon tax chill

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

 VOTERS have warmed slightly to the carbon tax after two weeks of Julia Gillard wearing out her shoe leather selling the plan's compensation package across Australia.