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Students buckling under the pressure, Hockey warns
Phillip Coorey SMH

JOE HOCKEY has rallied to the defence of young Australians, saying the modern-day pressures of high school education are contributing to rising depression and suicide rates and that their lives in general are becoming over-taxed and over-regulated.

Families hold out hope for the return of stolen babies

Sharon Lafraniere SMH

LONGHUI COUNTY, China: Parents and grandparents have long known to grab their babies and hide whenever family-planning officials show up at the mountainous Longhui region of terraced rice and sweet potato fields. Too many infants have been snatched by officials, never to be seen again, they say.


Nazi ideology in ethics classes, says Nile
Sean Nicholls SMH

THE Christian Democratic Party MP Fred Nile has used a parliamentary debate on his bill to remove ethics classes from schools to claim they teach the philosophy behind Nazism and communism.
Taking aim at a sacred cow
Dan Harrison SMH

The fight over school chaplains is about to hit the High Court, writes Dan Harrison.


O'Farrell must come clean on deal-making

Sean Nicholls OPINION

Barry O'Farrell was quick to hit Twitter last Saturday morning after reading the Herald's report on the outcome of a meeting between him and Fred Nile on the question of ethics classes in NSW schools.



Doctors don't like the odds on pokies pre-commitment scheme

Julia Medew The Age

VICTORIAN doctors have attacked the state government for failing to support a mandatory pre-commitment scheme for poker machines and have questioned its plan to use licence fees to fund hospitals.



Victory for gay couples as Census finally recognises same-sex marriages

Melissa Lahoud SMH

AUSTRALIAN same-sex couples who married overseas will fill out the Census on Tuesday knowing their union will be officially counted for the first time.

Phelps to Turnbull: time to 'come out' on gay marriage
Michelle Grattan The Age

MALCOLM Turnbull is under fire from the gay community for failing to endorse equal marriage rights, with leading activist Kerryn Phelps declaring his comments on the issue ''lack courage''.

Honey, we really need to talk

·         By Alex Tilbury  News

DO you fight with your partner about money? More than one in four of us blame financial stress as the most common reason for relationships breaking down, research by Relationships Australia has found. It also showed that seven in 10 Australians believe financial problems push couples apart.



Syrians 'slaughtered like sheep'
·         John Lyons  From:The Australian ·         SYRIA deteriorated further into violence yesterday, with a resident of the worst-hit city Hama saying people were being "slaughtered like sheep".



Boatpeople on hunger strike over deportation
·         Paige Taylor :The Australian 

ASYLUM-SEEKERS who have been told they will be deported to Malaysia began a hunger strike last night, according to a refugee advocate contacted by one of the group from Christmas Island.


Malaysia Solution to leave kids traumatised, UNICEF says
·         Mark Dodd and Nicolas Perpitch  The Australian 

·         THE Gillard government's insistence on deporting unaccompanied children to Malaysia is illegal, will traumatise and psychologically scar the minors, and will damage Australia's international reputation for compassion, the UN children's agency has warned.


Sexualisation of Society


Well done pageant-haters

·         Brendan O’Neill ABC The Drum 

It is remarkable that in a world walloped by economic recession, when there are wars, uprisings, carbon controversies and assaults on liberty, people can muster up the passion to protest against a beauty pageant.