At last, a thorough probe into what drives the Greens machine

Andrew McIntyre  -  The Australian

BOB Brown has given a "rolled gold guarantee" that the Greens will block any attempt by Tony Abbott to scrap the new Julia Gillard carbon tax, even if the Coalition wins a mandate at the next election.

Jews join censure of Rudd's sister on anti-gay remarks


THE Anti-Defamation Commission has joined calls for former prime minister Kevin Rudd's sister to apologise over an anti-gay marriage remark.

Push begins to overturn teaching gay history in CA

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- A family advocacy group is already challenging a new California law that adds lessons about gays to social studies classes.

Protecting the protectors

ABORTION | A federal judge rules a New York law regulating pregnancy care centers ‘offensive to free speech’ | Jamie Dean

In a stinging rebuke to opponents of pregnancy care centers, a federal judge on Wednesday barred New York City officials from enforcing a law aimed at mandating how the centers describe their services to clients.

Liberty's loss

Same-sex marriage in New York threatens the rights of those who oppose it | Tim Dalrymple

When the legalization of same-sex marriage takes effect in New York on July 24, one in nine Americans will live in places where gay couples can marry with the imprimatur of the state.