Male voters are turning off the PM

Linda Silmalis - The Daily Telegraph

JULIA Gillard has a man problem. As the popularity of our first female prime minister plummets, government insiders fear men are turning on Ms Gillard.

Chance to win a baby in new 'IVF lotto'

Brigid O'Connell and Briana Domjen - The Sunday Telegraph

AUSTRALIANS will be given the chance to "win" a baby under a plan to introduce the UK's controversial new IVF lottery here later this year.

Atheism ticks multitude of boxes

Rachel Browne - SMH

AUSTRALIANS with no religion are among the fastest growing population groups and their number is expected to increase in this year's census.

Activist group GetUp! queried over membership

Mitchell Toy - Sunday Herald Sun

GRASSROOTS activism group GetUp! has been hit with claims it exaggerates its membership figures to appear more powerful to corporations and government.

It's not extreme to be Green

Andrew West - SMH

THE shrieks echoed around Australia's boardrooms but, more pointedly, around its newsrooms. The Greens were about to take control of the Senate! The media and corporate elites circled the wagons and dragged the political elites in after them.

Gambling venues 'a conflict' for Labor

Jessica Wright - SMH

GAMBLING venues owned by the ALP are a conflict of interest and should be dumped, warns the independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

Suffer the children as hunger stalks the land

Matt Wade - SMH

ALI HASSAN huddled with his brothers and sisters around a rough wooden rice bowl. Like the other 40 children in their refugee travelling party, it was the first time they had eaten for days.

Baillieu's position 'weak' on voluntary euthanasia

Deborah Gough - The Age

A FORMER Northern Territory chief minister has described Premier Ted Baillieu's political stance on voluntary euthanasia as ''weak'' and unconstitutional.

A costly wave of boat people

Jesse Phillips and Linda Silmalis - The Sunday Telegraph

IMMIGRATION department staff are being paid thousands of dollars in incentive allowances to be sent to remote detention centres to process boat people.

Asylum flights cost a million every month

Jessica Wright - SMH

CHARTERED flights to move asylum seekers out of the overcrowded Christmas Island detention centre and on to the mainland have cost taxpayers more than $3 million over three months.

Gentlemen's clubs may be skirting stripper fee

Cameron Houston - The Age

GENTLEMEN'S clubs with scantily dressed waitresses are being investigated by Victoria's liquor licensing authority.

It's war - carbon ad battle hits TV screens

Jessica Wright - SMH

PRO-CARBON tax television ads to be unleashed on Australia tonight are part of a $25 million taxpayer-funded campaign to win over the public as the Gillard government struggles to explain its message.

Shoot-to-skill lessons

Heath Aston - SMH

THE Shooters and Fishers Party has won the support of the O'Farrell Government to increase shooting as a sport in schools.

Is Lady Gaga a good role model for girls?

The Age

We hear constantly that female pop stars are bad influences on girls because their clips are much too sexy. But too sexy for whom, exactly?

Teen girls' brains hit harder by booze

Professor Edith Sullivan - SMH

BINGE drinking can have a long-lasting negative effect on the brains of teenaged girls, hitting them harder than it does young boys, a study shows.

When it's time to lift the spirits

Rachel Browne - SMH

Many Australians have abandoned the church but are also left cold by atheism. The third way is 'spirituality', writes Rachel Browne.

War to end war on drugs gains allies on right flank

Chris Berg - The Age

Conservatives are starting to adopt a more liberal stance on the narcotics campaign.

Christian Counseling by hopeful's spouse prompts questions

Sheryl Gay Stolberg - NY Times

LAKE ELMO, Minn. — The receptionists at Bachmann & Associates, the Christian counseling center run by the husband of the presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, were polite but firm in turning a reporter away the other day. A new sign was on the door. “Bachmann & Associates,” it said, “prohibits all soliciting, filming and photography in this building. NO MEDIA.”

How clergy helped a same-sex marriage law pass

Samuel G. Freedman - NY Times

Early in the week that ended with New York enacting same-sex marriage, the Rev. Anna Taylor Sweringen stood in a hallway just outside the State Senate chambers. She wore her clerical collar and held a sign saying, “Equality now.” Around her gathered ministers and rabbis of similar sentiment, all in Albany to lobby and pray for the right of gay couples to wed.

Bachmann left church at pastor's request, official says

Sandhya Somashekhar - Washington Post

The conservative church that Michele Bachmann officially left days before launching her presidential campaign said Friday that the Minnesota congresswoman's decision came at their request.

For Bachmann, gay rights stand reflects mix of issues and faith

Sheryl Gay Stolberg

ST. PAUL — In March 2004, with Massachusetts soon to allow gay couples to wed, Michele Bachmann delivered a dire warning to her fellow Minnesotans: The children of their state were at risk.