NT intervention: Guilty by geography

Glen Brennan - The Punch

With Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin in the Northern Territory last week consulting on “what’s next?” for the Northern Territory Emergency Response, it’s timely to throw the concept of ‘exit strategies’ into the mix.  In particular, how do people exit the Government’s income management program and take control of their finances?

The rise of the Greens: political and the supernatural

David Castles - Online Opinion

With the rise of The Greens in Australia the religious believer may well be wondering where they will stand in a possible new political order. Up until now the main religious enemies of The Greens seem to come from right wing faith based groups mainly concerned with the seemingly ongoing "moral" issues such as abortion, voluntary euthanasia, gay marriage and opposition to so called "chaplains" in secular public schools.

Gay custody battle ends in favor of biological parent

Eryn Sun - Christian Post

A same-sex custody battle in Ohio ended on Tuesday, with full and exclusive rights granted to the biological birth mother and not her partner.

Kevin's sister crusades against gays

Michael McKenna - The Australian

Kevin Rudd's sister, Loree, is waging a one-woman campaign against gay marriage, lobbying federal MPs and threatening to quit Labor if it backs the push at the party's national conference in December.

Top Cisco employee reportedly fired for defending marriage, family

Rebecca Millette - LifeSite News

July 12, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The American-based multinational corporation Cisco Systems, a company that touts its “inclusion and diversity” strategies, has come under attack for the recent firing of a top employee, reputedly over his off-the-job work defending true marriage.

Ever hear of the first amendment? An argument to watch

R. Albert Mohler Jnr - Christian Post

There it was, plain as day. Monday’s edition of USA Today included an opinion column by a Muslim woman that argued–quite straightforwardly–that the United States government should force a nondiscrimination policy on gender in all places of worship.

Canberra defends chaplains scheme

Dan Harrison - The Age

THE federal government has set out its defence of the controversial national school chaplaincy program, telling the High Court the program is within the Commonwealth's executive power and does not breach a constitutional provision relating to religious freedom.

Abortion adverts set to carry warnings in Russia

The Christian Institute

Health warnings are set to be placed on abortion adverts in Russia – where over a million abortions were carried out in 2008.

Social media causing 'mind change'

Mark Metherell - The Age

HEAVY use of the internet by adolescents has been linked with shrinking of brain tissue - a new research finding which underlines the need for more investigation into internet-driven ''mind change'', says neurologist Susan Greenfield.

Canada acts on smugglers

Kirsty Needham - The Age

CANADIAN Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says it cost twice as much for asylum seekers to travel by boat to Canada as it does to reach Australia, and his country does not want to be the next ''doormat''.

PM's pokies plan blocked

Imre Salusinszky - The Australian

LABOR in NSW has locked in behind the campaign to defeat Prime Minister Julia Gillard's push for reform of pokie laws.

Draft deal with Malaysia 'struck'

The Australian

THE International Organisation for Migration, one of the four parties central to the Gillard government's proposed refugee swap with Malaysia, has confirmed that a draft agreement between Canberra and Kuala Lumpur has been struck.

Missing baby hell for couple as dead foetus thrown in garbage

Perth Now - David Prestipino

A YOUNG Forrestfield couple are considering legal action after their dead foetus was thrown out in the garbage at a Perth hospital.

Fears for riots in national burqa protest

Wes Hosking - Herald Sun

A NATIONAL day of protest demanding the burqa be banned has raised fears it could provoke Cronulla riot-style hysteria.