Christian group cleared of urging students to convert

Jewel Topsfield & Dan Harrison - The Age

A FEDERAL investigation into the Christian group that provides religious education in Victorian schools has found no evidence that its chaplains tried to convert students in breach of government guidelines.

Ethical classes, ethical politics

Simon Longstaff - The Drum

 It is with considerable regret that I find myself drawn into further debate with the Reverend Fred Nile about the future of special ethics classes in NSW State Primary Schools - regret (shared with many parents), because we had thought that this matter was settled.


We will fund violence

SMH Blog

Classification ministers from around the country meet today and tomorrow to discuss the introduction of an R18+ games rating in Australia.

Fight against NY gay weddings has only just begun

Michael Gormley - World Mag

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Well-funded national groups that pursue freedom of religion and free speech cases already are soliciting New Yorkers who say their civil rights will be trampled by the new right of gay couples to marry, opening another front in the ongoing contest over same-sex marriage.


Contrary to conscience

Tiffany Owens - World Mag

Retired Chaplain Douglas Lee, director of the Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel, spent 30 years of his life walking among soldiers. He worked as a Protestant chaplain in a highly pluralistic setting, serving alongside Muslim, Buddhist, and Catholic chaplains, all exercising First Amendment freedoms.


Can Christians escape the 'hate' label in gay marriage debate?

Jeff Schapiro - Christian Post

Can Christians ever escape being labeled as “hateful” people while standing firmly on the pro-family side of the gay marriage issue?


Why bless burkas and ban bogans?

Brendan O'Neill - The Australian

IS it racist and irrational to criticise aspects of Islam? Judging from the vituperative war of words launched against a group of people who took part in a "ban the burka" protest this week, it seems it is.


Parents might get greater access to kids' Facebook

ABC News

A meeting of the nation's Attorneys-General in Adelaide will consider whether parents should be given legal rights to check on their children's Facebook accounts.


Green dogma is crippling the Prime Minister

Miranda Devine - Herald Sun

I DON'T like the "Juliar" meme any more than the next Lefty. It's rude and boring.

But that doesn't mean the Prime Minister didn't win the narrowest election in 70 years on false pretences, when she declared, "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead".



Hillsong takes case for all-hours church to higher authority

Leesha McKenny & Kelsey Munro - SMH

HILLSONG'S loss of faith in the City of Sydney has it heading to the Land and Environment Court.

The Pentecostal megachurch is seeking the court's approval to spend $1 million converting an Alexandria warehouse into an auditorium-style church for 1100 people, but it could come up against a ban on places of public worship in industrial areas being proposed by the City.

Famine declared as drought ravages Somalia

ABC News

The United Nations says famine has hit two parts of rebel-held Somalia due to a severe drought affecting more than 10 million people in the Horn of Africa.