The Greens' warped worldview

Ted Lapkin - The Drum

The defence of a country's autonomy and territorial integrity is the most fundamental responsibility of government. Any credible claim of national sovereignty must necessarily rest upon the ability to exercise political independence in the international arena.


Gay Marriage Division

 SBS News

 A Labor backbencher has called for a same sex marriage referendum at the next election



Labor's Right slams gay reform

Michelle Grattan - The Age

MORE ALP right-wingers, including a factional convener, have spoken out against liberalising the party's stand against gay marriage, as senior Labor figures are trying to contain a potentially distracting fresh outbreak of the debate.

Same sex marriage debate divides Labor

7:30 Report

The debate about whether to legally support same sex marriage has divided the Labor Party, but are they really focusing on what matters most to Australian people?


Blair sees the real power in faith

Paul Kelly - The Australian

 FORMER British prime minister Tony Blair has a different and challenging view of the 21st century: he argues that religion will replace the clash of political ideologies as the dominant issue of the coming age.


Counting the human cost of refugee swap

Michelle Foster - The Age

 In a new raw deal for asylum seekers, the positives are outweighed.

THE much anticipated ''refugee swap'' agreement between Malaysia and Australia signed on Monday has been heralded by the government as a ''bold and innovative arrangement'' that will ''break the people smugglers' business model''. The key questions are: Will it work, and at what (human) cost?



The abortion trap

Mara Hvistendahl - Foreign Policy

For nearly two decades, anti-abortion activists have been at work in a disingenuous game, using the stark reduction of women in the developing world as an argument for taking away hard-earned rights. Conservative theorists have written openly about how sex-selective abortion is merely a convenient wedge issue in the drive to ban all abortions, both in the United States and abroad. And now, conservative commentators like the New York Times' Ross Douthat, the Wall Street Journal'sJonathan V. Last, and the editors of the New York Sun have claimed that my book, Unnatural Selection, strengthens their case.


High time we punted gambling dependency from sport

Charles Livingstone - The Drum

The Australian Football League is keen to portray itself as highly responsible in relation to gambling, recently suspending Collingwood player Heath Shaw for the balance of the home and away season over a $10 bet on his team-mate and captain Nick Maxwell. Maxwell, also implicated in the affair, was fined. Shaw was hung out, it seems, pour encourager les autres.


Australians turn to India for surrogacy joy

Richard Lindell - ABC News

A growing number of Australians are looking to countries like India to help them start a family, reports India correspondent Richard Lindell.