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Victims of GFC swamp charities

Nick Butterly - The West Australian

The nation's charities say the effects on the poor of the 2008 global financial crisis are only now coming home to roost with a record number of Australians turning to community and social services groups for help.The warning comes as the world teeters on the brink of another major economic downturn, an event that would push more Australians into the arms of charities.

Children & Family
A lack of smacks is behind the attacks

Julia Thornton - The Punch

Child psychologists everywhere will hate me for what I am about to say but I hope they take a good long hard look at what’s going on in England and think about how they’re teaching modern parenting. In light of the riots in England, stories about the evils of smacking are a load of bunkum.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy
Woman blames secret tribunal for losing chance to start a family

Shannon Deery - Herald Sun

A woman may have lost her last chance to start a family because a legal bungle wrongfully denied her access to IVF. The woman, who cannot be named, was denied access to IVF last November by the newly formed Patient Review Panel. The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act requires all prospective IVF parents to have child protection and police checks.

Pillow talk wearing phone-obsessed teens out

Elissa Doherty - Herald Sun

Teenage girls are so desperate to keep in touch with friends they are sleeping with phones under their pillows. Addiction to social networking is making students chronically tired and putting their education at risk, experts say. A survey by Best Enemies Education, which holds workshops for year 8-10 students on cyber-bullying, said 80 per cent of the 3080 students polled slept with their phone.

Human Rights
Chronically ill patients living in tents

Jeff Waters - ABC PM

The ABC has uncovered the shocking living conditions of a group of chronically ill hospital patients at Port Hedland in the Pilbara. Dialysis patients and other seriously ill people say they have no choice but to live in the open or in small tents near a hospital in the town.

National Marriage Day & the UK riots

Warwick Marsh - OnLine Opinion

Today Tuesday August the 16th is National Marriage Day. This is a day to celebrate the joy of marriage and the natural family. So what has this celebration got to do with the UK riots? Well let me explain.

Labor to back territories bill after all

Federal Labor has finally agreed to support a bill that gives the territories greater powers to set their own laws, ending months of internal squabbling. Under the Australian Greens' bill, the commonwealth would be forced to relinquish its veto right over Northern Territory or ACT laws that it doesn't like, such as same-sex marriage.

Overseas Aid
East Africa crisis worsens but aid agency says we can offer hope


East Africa is suffering its worst drought in 60 years as the United Nations officially declares a famine and estimates more than 3.5 million people are affected in Somalia, but how can we help? "Somalia's the epicentre of this famine," UNICEF Australia CEO Dr Norman Gillespie confirms before predicting the area affected will spread north of Mogadishu.

Westpac pulls out of brothel project

Michael West - SMH

Westpac has walked away from financing the “world's biggest brothel”, the proposed 42-room megaplex on Parramatta Road opposite Sydney University.

Malaysia court case pitches minister against basic refugee rights

George Williams - SMH

A High Court injunction has stopped the federal government's transfer of asylum seekers to Malaysia in its tracks. This, however, is only a temporary reprieve and gives no indication of the final outcome. The real test will come next week when the case is heard by all seven judges of the court.