PR 101: Helping burqa banners stay on message

Tory Shepherd - The Punch

More than 20,000 people pledged to join a Ban the Burqa protest yesterday by donning balaclavas and trenchcoats to show that… people shouldn’t wear balaclavas and trenchcoats. Or something like that.

Southern Baptist chides Herman Cain for mosque comments

Stephanie Samuel - Christian Post

Southern Baptist leader Richard Land chided presidential candidate Herman Cain for disregarding the constitutional rights of U.S. Muslims during a Monday C-SPAN interview. He reminded Cain that as a Christian and an African American, he should have a special interest in the enforcement of the constitution in all communities, not just approving ones.

Guarded Muslims 'halve census figures'

Annie Guest - ABC News

Islamic leaders believe their community in Australia is more than double the size of official figures.

They say many Muslims do not disclose their religion in official surveys like the census because they fear persecution.

Men charged over 'Sharia law' lashing

Rosemarie Lentini - Daily Telegraph

TWO men will face court over allegedly whipping a Muslim man 40 times in a home invasion for drinking alcohol, prohibited under Sharia law.

Egypt's Christians to protest slow probe of church bombing

Anugrah Kumar - Christian Post

Coptic Christians of Egypt are planning to stage demonstrations demanding a speedier investigation into the New Year church bombing in the city of Alexandria that killed 23 and injured 97.

Churches in North Sudan fear repression after split

Emily Fuentes - Open Doors USA

SANTA ANA, Calif. (July 12, 2011) – While many braced themselves for the historic Southern Sudan Independence celebrations on July 9, the question of what will become of the Church in the north remains uncertain.

MP pulls pin on same sex debate

ABC News

Tasmanian Liberal MP Michael Ferguson has withdrawn from a public debate on same-sex marriage, following controversial accusations made by Labor backbencher Brenton Best.

When sex becomes an idol

Amy Julia Becker - Christianity Today

In the past few months, I couldn’t help noticing the flurry of articles about the PCUSA’s decision to ordain people in same-sex relationships, the repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, the passage of same-sex marriage laws in New York, and the decision of Chaz Bono, daughter of Sonny and Cher, to become a man.

Family side quits gay debate

Bruce Mounster - The Mercury

WHAT had promised to be a fiery team debate on gay marriage was short-circuited yesterday by the pullout of the pro-family side.

Couple sidesteps Australia for surrogacy joy

Kirsten Murray - ABC News

If you are born with a life-threatening condition, how do you live your life? It's a question Alisa Latto has grappled with for the past 36 years.

Xenophon urges AFL to ban exotic bets

ABC News

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has called on the AFL to ban exotic gambling options in the wake of the latest betting scandal to engulf the code.

Human rights and Christian lawyers

Frank Brennan - Eureka Street

Forty years ago there was a state of emergency declared in this city while an all white Springbok rugby team played against the Wallabies. On 2 August 1971, the Vice President of the Queensland Bar published this letter in The Australian:

Modern Noah's Ark nears completion


FOR three years, the quaint old city of Dordrecht has watched in amazement as a local businessman's dream of building a real-life Noah's ark, stocked with thousands of plastic animals, became a reality.