Sunrise Program

Australian Christian Lobby Director Jim Wallace speaks on Sunrise about ratings for violent video games and the links that have been made with the recent shootings in Oslo.

Dan Harrison - SMH

THE Labor states of Queensland and South Australia have intervened in a High Court challenge to the national school chaplaincy program, challenging the Commonwealth's argument that its power to make laws for corporations supports the controversial program.

Nicola Menzie - Christian Post

Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old man who has admitted to killing nearly eighty people and injuring dozens of others in a violent rampage across Norway last Friday, has been painted in some media reports as a “Christian terrorist,” yet the alleged killer has claimed he is not a religious man.

Jeff Sparrow - The Drum

Back in 2009, I wrote a piece for New Matilda on the rise of the Islamophobic right in Europe and the United States, in which I noted the mainstreaming of a violent, apocalyptic anti-Muslim discourse.

Alex Greenwich - The Punch

This week in New York the hottest ticket in town is not the latest Broadway musical or the opening of hip new restaurant, it’s the Marriage Bureau. So many same-sex couples have been waiting for the day when they can say “I do” that a lottery system has had to be introduced to deal with the amount of weddings set to take place.

The Christian Institute

A polygamous family has filed a lawsuit challenging an American state’s criminalisation of bigamy, citing a leading homosexual ruling from the Supreme Court.

Andrew Stevenson - The Age

THOUSANDS of primary school children are putting themselves at risk from sexual predators by using social networking sites from as young as eight years old.

Cathy Kezelman - The Punch

It’s heartening to see Australian politicians taking a stand around Catholic clergy abuse, but the calls to action this week by Senator Nick Xenophon and Victorian MP Anne Barker don’t quite go far enough. 


FEDERAL Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett has delivered a fiery speech in Sydney to a hostile crowd protesting against the government's proposed mandatory pre-commitment poker machine technology.

Glen Coulton - Online Opinion 

For many years, the religion question on the Census has been "What is this person's religion?" It is a flawed question because it assumes that every person is religious. No pussy footing around with polite inquiries such as, "Excuse me, does this person happen to have a religion? Nothing as simple and direct as, "Is this person religious?"

Julie Cowdroy - The Drum

"The ironic thing about the coverage of the News of the World, is that now we are not actually getting any news of the world," read the witty tweet in response to UNICEF's question of whether the famine in the Horn of Africa was getting enough coverage.

Paul Maley - The Australian

AUSTRALIA has undertaken to pay and care for the 800 asylum-seekers transferred under its refugee swap with Kuala Lumpur for as long as they remain in Malaysia, potentially extending Canberra's liability well beyond the four-year life span of the agreement.

Stilgherrian - The Drum

"It seems every time Attorneys-General appear in the news it's because they did something embarrassingly stupid," tweeted filmmaker Rohan Harris on Friday.

Jamie Dean - World Mag

In a vast concert hall at the upscale Century Theatre in Beijing, a June 11 celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party came from a striking source: leaders of Chinese churches.