Move to ease one-child policy

The Australian

CHINA'S most populous province has asked for permission to ease the one-child policy after more than 30 years, an official said yesterday, as concerns grow over gender imbalances and an ageing population.

Industry rallies against pokies reform

Anna Morozow - ABC Online

Clubs Australia is ramping up its campaign against the Federal Government's planned poker machine reform, holding the first in a series of rallies in marginal federal electorates.

Gay 'marriage' and fidelity

Chuck Colson - Christian Post

No doubt you’ve heard friends – even Christian friends – and you hear them say, “Well, why shouldn’t gays be able to marry like anyone else? What will it hurt? It won’t affect marriage, and it will help them build stable families.”

Australian Baptist leaders clarify stance on gay marriage

Bob Allen - Associated Baptist Press

MELBOURNE, Australia (ABP) – Australian Baptist leaders distanced themselves from comments supporting gay marriage made by a pastor on national television.

Detention misery cuts both ways on Christmas Island

Paige Taylor - The Australian

THE visiting room at Christmas Island's detention centre is now a makeshift hospital ward where men who have tried to kill themselves lie on camp beds under the watch of two nervous guards.

Listen to your flock: lay group to bishops

Carolyn Webb - The Age

A CATHOLIC lobby group has railed at bishops to be more accountable, reject discrimination and do more listening to their flock.

Prostitute to sue brothel over gun

Julia Medew - The Age

A PROSTITUTE who had a gun pulled on her for refusing to have unprotected sex plans to sue a suburban brothel for failing to protect her.

Don't base policy on crapulous alcohol statistics

Eric Crampton - The Punch

Alcohol. The anti-alcohol lobby say just one drink increases your risk of cancer, and news yesterday was that cigarette-warning-style labels will start appearing on bottles of booze. The social costs of alcohol are often cited as an additional reason to crack down on it. Here, Dr Eric Crampton casts a sceptical eye over how that social cost is measured.

Split screen: Last chance to be heard


The Australian Law Reform Commission will soon be conducting a review into our media classification system, and in the lead-up to that review it has been calling for public submissions. The ALRC opened submissions almost two months ago, and the response has not been looking good for gamers: ABC News reported a week ago that only 80 submissions had been received, and 80% of those were “Somebody think of the children!” style calls for more censorship.