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Children & Family
A tipping point for the family?
Michael Cook - Mercatornet
Britain's families need to be reformed, says the Prime Minister. Are his politicians up to the job? Do the London riots signal the end of the welfare state and a turnaround for the family? The shock waves around the world suggest that Western countries have peered into the abyss and realised how weak the walls protecting civil society are if they can pushed over so quickly, with so little provocation.

Night curfews in Victoria to drive down crime
Anthony Dowsley, David Hurley - Herald Sun
Children who have run amok on our streets are being banned from leaving home at night under a plan to halt after-dark crime. The initiative for recidivist offenders aged 10 to 18 will be implemented to curb youth crime across the state.

Drugs & Alcohol
Debate over warning labels on alcohol heats up
Mark Metherell - SMH
Health warnings linking alcohol with dire outcomes such as brain damage and cancer have been backed by health groups but described as potentially ''alarming'' by an industry-backed group.

Three NRL clubs have a prescription drugs problem within their ranks and the number is climbing
Margie McDonald - The Australian
Three NRL clubs have been identified as having a prescription drugs problem within their ranks and the number is climbing. The NRL's chief medical officer, Ron Muratore, said he was in the process of contacting all 16 club doctors to find out how widespread the problem might be.

Gambling giant Tabcorp on a winner as profit jumps 13.9pc to $534.8m
Richard Gluyas - The Australian
Tabcorp is defying the slump in consumer spending, reporting steady trading in the new financial year after unveiling a 13.9 per cent jump in full-year net profit to $534.8 million. In a transformational year, Tabcorp demerged its casino business and secured two long-term licences -- the $60m, 10-year Victorian keno licence, starting next April, and the $410m, 12-year wagering and betting licence for the same state, from next August.

Human Rights
Shocking abuse and neglect revealed in boarding houses across NSW
Adele Horin - SMH
Vulnerable residents in boarding houses licensed by the state government have been physically and sexually assaulted by staff and other residents, have died in appalling circumstances, and been denied basic rights, including contact with their families, a scathing report by the NSW Ombudsman reveals.

Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, speaks to political editor Chris Uhlmann
7.30 – Chris Uhlmann
Well, politicians in Canberra didn't miss the Qantas announcement today with both the Treasurer and the Transport Minister urging Qantas to look after hits employees. But it was other issues dominating Parliament's first session after the winter break - notably: carbon tax, gay marriage and the economy. Outside the Parliament, the loud message from protesters was, "Ditch the carbon tax", while inside, Christians were fighting the push to redefine marriage, and the Treasurer was talking up Australia's financial security. The Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey joins us shortly, but first political editor Chris Uhlmann with his take on the day in Canberra.

Gay Marriage
7pm Project

Religious Persecution
Iraq: Bombers target Church in Kirkuk...again
John Pontifex - ACN News
Another church in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk has been bombed bringing the tally to three within less than two weeks.

Islamic republic shows concern about imports of the Bible
Michael Ireland - ASSIST News Service
Iranian authorities have seized six thousand five hundred copies of the Bible in northwest of Iran. According to the Mohabat News, the Iranian Christian News Agency Dr. Majid Abhari, advisor to the social issues committee of the parliament in Iran, said "these missionaries with reliance on huge money and propaganda are trying to deviate our youth."

Self-harm attempts rise in detention
Steve Lewis – Herald Sun
The detention system has experienced a steep rise in hospital admissions and "self-harm" attempts among detainees and a 400 per cent blowout in operating costs.
The cost of Christmas Island and other detention camps has increased fivefold in two years: the 2010-11 bill will be $772 million.

Sexualisation of Society
Officials condemn porn night
Adam Davies - The Chronicle
Senior rugby league officials have blasted the fund-raising antics of the Highfields Rugby League Club as “disgusting” and said the besieged club had brought shame on itself and tarnished the image of the game.