Hermione and Lady Gaga heroines for our times

Janet Albrechtsen - The Australian

IF you are a member of anything before generation Y, it's tempting to scoff at modern culture. Video games are full of violence. Music pumps out obscene lyrics unheard of if you grew up with Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie and Bon Jovi.


Companies cashing in on Australia's overflowing refugee program

Steve Lewis – Herald Sun

Australia's overflowing refugee program is delivering handsome profits to a clutch of companies including a $20.4 million contract for a Darwin hotel developer.


Nile ties his vote to change in ethics class timetable

Sean Nicholls - SMH

ETHICS classes in schools would be rescheduled so they did not compete with special religious education classes under a deal the Christian Democratic Party MP, Fred Nile, says he is confident of striking with the Premier.


Criminals 'winners' from human rights charter

Adam Carey - The Age

CONVICTED criminals have been the biggest winners out of the state government's human rights charter, at the expense of police officers and the victims of crime, the Police Association says.

Uniform laws needed on sport betting: govt


The federal government says uniform laws are needed to combat the creeping problem of corruption in sport.

Attorneys-general are meeting this Friday to discuss the issue, where the federal government will be pushing for a set of nationally consistent laws.



Xenophon pokies rally call

Richard Willingham - The Age

ANTI-POKIES campaigner Nick Xenophon says he is prepared to face pro-poker machine rallies if he is allowed to bring a woman whose daughter committed suicide because of a gambling addiction.

Q&A is the equivalent of intellectual McNuggets

Xavier Symons - The Punch

Mainstream media holds a mirror up to society. If we take a look into that mirror, we see what is preoccupying our attention.

On a deeper level, we can gain significant insight into the way we tend to investigate and argue. Monday’s Q and A episode provided great insight into the superficial way we tend to approach philosophical and ethical topics.


NYC sets lottery for first gay weddings

ABC News

As thousands of requests pour in for the first day of same-sex marriages in New York City, the mayor's office says it will establish a lottery to select 764 couples to wed.

Atheists, gays upset with U.K. Christian discrimination decision

Amanda Winkler - Christian Post

Homosexual groups and atheists in the United Kingdom are not happy with their own government’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHR) decision to defend Christians who have faced discrimination based on their faith.


ACLU sues Alaska to allow transgender woman a 'female' license

Stephanie Samuel - Christian Post

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Alaska on Monday after the state denied a transgender woman a license listing her as female.


Sharia law at work in Australia

Chris Merritt - The Australian

SHARIA law has become a shadow legal system within Australia, endorsing polygamous and underage marriages that are outlawed under the Marriage Act.


Mosque ban? Freedom of religion has to be freedom for everyone

Ed Stetzer - Christian Post

On Sunday, I record all the talk shows and watch them later in the day. One of the best interviewers (second only to Candy Crowley) is Chris Wallace. This week he asked Herman Cain an important question in light of Cain's early comments about Muslims in appointed office.


State leaders call for end to failing indigenous action

Malcolm Brown - SMH

A GROUP of prominent South Australians has called on the federal government to end the intervention in Northern Territory Aboriginal communities, claiming it has not only failed in its purpose, but in some aspects has made things worse.

Inclusive and equitable growth for poverty reduction in Africa

Babatunde Omilola - Online Opinion

Globally, we have had unprecedented economic and financial crises in the recent past adding greatly to the vulnerabilities already caused by the previous protracted and especially difficult food and fuel crises. These back-to-back crises have left poor people, particularly in low-income countries at the mercy of increased price volatility and have given them less access to resources, credit, and social protection. Due to these crises, millions of people around the world have been pushed back into extreme poverty and hunger, making progress towards achieving the MDGs ever more urgent and difficult. The recent crises have demonstrated that it is the world's poorest who often suffer the most from problems not of their making.