Preaching to the converted is not the way to save faith

Bob Faser - The Age

Suppose that the Department of Education decided it would delegate the teaching of government and politics in state schools to volunteers from the various political parties.

Pupils would gather in various ALP, Liberal, Greens, National, DLP, Family First, Sex Party and One Nation groups, depending on their parents' voting preferences. Of course, volunteer teachers from the various parties would be expected not to proselytise for their own viewpoint or criticise the views of others but, human nature being human nature, sometimes the odd inappropriate remark may slip through.

Scientologists threaten to sue cult victim group

Michael Bachelard - The Age

The Church of Scientology has threatened to sue Cult Information and Family Support.

The Church of Scientology has threatened to sue and claim punitive damages against a volunteer organisation that helps the victims of cults and their families.

The legal threat from the US-based religion accuses the group, Cult Information and Family Support, of religious vilification over statements made in a brochure advertising their conference later this year.

Principle says students unfairly branded bullies

Hamish Heard - Sunday Herald Sun

Bratty students are being unfairly branded bullies by parents and teachers who do not know the meaning of the word, according to a Victorian educator.

Peter Hockey, head of Beaconhills College junior school, said the word "bully" was overused and victims of schoolyard nastiness should harden up.

"Rather than just say, 'Well that person is a bully and that person is a victim', we need to empower children to stand up and confront these people who are being nasty," Mr Hockey said.

T-shirts too hot to handle for some

Mitchell Toy - Sunday Herald Sun

Church leaders, academics and women's rights campaigners are leading a push to have raunchy T-shirts stamped out, saying images of half-naked women should not be seen in public.

The group of 59 advocates, including Rev Tim Costello and child psychologist Michael Carr-Greg, are signatories to an open letter urging retailers to stop selling T-shirts showing sexist or saucy images.

Carbon tax to destroy Australia: Monckton

Lema Samandar - SMH

If Australia introduces a carbon tax it will become a "third world banana monarchy", climate change sceptic Christopher Monckton said on the eve of the government's policy announcement.

Speaking at a rally of those against the tax in Sydney's Hyde Park on Saturday, Lord Monckton said Prime Minister Julia Gillard was destroying her own country.