The last couple of years has seen a resurgent public consciousness towards the plight of the homeless, but Mission Australia CEO Toby Hall has written that the lives of Australia’s most unfortunate have somehow slipped off the radar in the rush and busyness of the federal election campaign.

Mr Hall, in an article featured in the Canberra Times and Newcastle Herald (neither online), writes that, “Australia’s 105,000 homeless population deserve to know what Labor and the Coalition will do to take the homelessness strategy forward over the next three years and beyond.”

“They deserve to know if their future Prime Minister will become a champion in the fight against homelessness or let it slide down their list of priorities.

“We need the next government to make a fresh commitment – all the way to the top – to seeing this matter through.”

There has also been considerable media coverage on the issue of homelessness in the last few days to mark National Homeless Week in an attempt to draw more attention to the desperate and shameful scourge of Australian homelessness, and to focus the minds of our leaders to this often unseen issue.

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At election time, it is often very easy to vote for a candidate or party that meets our own needs, but the way in which the lowly and vulnerable are treated should figure prominently in our thinking. Homelessness is one of several key “Points of Difference” policies highlighted at our election website, Visit the site to see how each of the parties would respond to this crisis.