World Vision is appealing for donations to assist with the crisis in East Africa.

The entire Horn of Africa region, which covers Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia, is suffering from the most severe famine in 60 years, with critical shortages of food and water.

The worst-hit nation is Somalia, which is not only suffering through the devastating drought, but also lacks an effective central government. Years of fighting has heightened the danger, and Islamist insurgent groups are blocking foreign aid efforts to get basic provisions to the needy. Disease is another major problem facing the hundreds of thousands who are living in refugee camps in neighbouring countries such as Kenya. Violence, famine, and disease have killed up to a million people since President Siad Barre's government was overthrown in 1991.

The UN estimates that currently there are 4 million Somalis in crisis, with 750,000 at risk of death within the next four months alone.

World Vision are one of the major charity organisations working to bring relief to East Africa. To donate, please visit World Vision and select the East Africa Emergency Appeal tab on the top right corner, or click here.

Additionally, Micah Challenge has encouraged its supporters to donate to one of their coalition partners: