Over the Easter weekend, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott reaffirmed he will stick by the Liberal Party’s policy that marriage is between a man and a woman. He said he would not allow this to be watered down by a conscience vote.

Please thank him for keeping his word.

 The Liberal and Nationals are now the only major political parties that hold marriage between a man and a woman as a matter of policy. Labor sadly broke its election promise  to uphold marriage when it changed its party policy in 2011.

Some people want Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to also break his promise on marriage and give his party a conscience vote. They also want the Liberal party room to change the policy. While on the surface this seems attractive, why should a major political party not have a team view on something as important as marriage?

The Coalition’s clear position supporting marriage sends a message that marriage is valued and that its benefits to children are understood. Redefining marriage would set in cultural cement the idea that it is ok to deliberately deny some children a mother or a father. It would also mean that telling the truth about marriage would no longer be allowed. It is appropriate and necessary that a political party is clear about marriage, the foundational institution for a healthy society.

Please send an email to Mr Abbott today and thank him for keeping his word. With renewed pressure coming from some media and activists, it is important our voices are heard again.

Thanks for your help with this.

Lyle Shelton,

Chief of Staff


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