With the Parliament rejecting reasonable protections for freedom of speech and religion during the passing of legislation to redefine marriage last month, the Turnbull Government has established a religious freedom review panel headed by former MP Philip Ruddock.

You and I have until February 14 to make a submission calling for these freedoms to be restored.

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It is vital that we take this opportunity to address some of the consequences of redefining marriage.

Individuals are allowed to make submissions and ACL encourages everyone to do so.

In your own words, you might like to make the following points:


  • Freedom of religion is more than freedom to worship, it is freedom to live out one’s faith in public.
  • People should be free to speak publicly about their religious view of marriage without fear of being taken to a government tribunal, as was Archbishop Julian Porteous in Tasmania.
  • Parents should have the right to be notified of and then withdraw their children from classes teaching radical LGBTIQ sex and gender theory.
  • In the same way, a Muslim printer should not be forced to print copies of the Torah, wedding service providers should not be forced to participate in a vision of marriage that violates their sincerely held beliefs on marriage. We should make reasonable accommodations for each other’s views and live and let live.
  • Religious charities should be allowed to hold their view of man-woman marriage without fear of losing government funding or charitable status.
  • Preachers should be allowed to place their sermons regarding man-woman marriage on-line without fear of being taken to an anti-discrimination tribunal or commission.
  • Religious schools should be allowed to teach children their view of marriage without fear of being reported to a government commission.
  • People should not be forced into making statements about marriage or gender with which they disagree.
  • Religious schools and organisations should be allowed to positively discriminate in employment for people who adhere to their beliefs on marriage.
  • State and federal anti-discrimination law should be amended to ensure that no-one can be prosecuted for expressing the view that marriage is between one man and one woman.
  • Celebrants should be allowed to practice freely in accordance with their conscience.
  • People should not fear being sacked from their jobs (as happened to a young Canberra woman) because they express their views on marriage.
  • People should not be coerced under threat of losing their job into resigning from the boards of religious organisations that dissent from the state’s new definition of marriage.
  • There should be no legal detriment to anyone who expresses the view that marriage is between one man and one woman.
  • I ask that this submission be considered by the Panel and I give consent for this submission to be published by the Panel among its default, public list of submissions received.

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Thank you for speaking up.