Last year the Turnbull Government was re-elected promising to give all Australians the chance to have their say about the future of the Marriage Act.

True to their word, the government last year introduced legislation into the parliament that would have enabled a national, compulsory vote on same-sex marriage.

However, Labor, the Greens and a number of cross bench senators are currently blocking legislation in the Senate that would allow you, your family, your friends, indeed all Australians, to take part in this important and historic vote.

Yet the case for a people’s vote is only growing stronger.

This year we have seen the extreme bullying tactics being employed by LGBTI activists.

Businesses that don’t support the LGBTI marriage agenda have been bullied and harassed.

Coopers Brewery were boycotted until they signed onto the campaign for same-sex marriage.

Leaders in the LGBTI movement have taken to attacking Christian business executives and their employers.

There is a nasty, totalitarian streak to the LGBTI marriage campaign that says, “agree with us or move out of the way.”

As more and more Australians see this aspect of the marriage campaign, they are increasingly concerned about the consequences of changing the Marriage Act.

Please sign the petition today calling on the Senate to pass enabling legislation for a plebiscite.

Help us build a movement of people calling for a people’s vote on marriage.

60,000 signatures needed

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

Changing the legal definition of marriage would have profound consequences for our society.

All Australians deserve to have their say about its future.

In 2016 the Coalition Government was re-elected after promising to hold a plebiscite to settle Australia’s long-running marriage debate.

Your petitioners ask that the Senate respects the will of the Australia people and passes enabling legislation for a plebiscite on marriage to be held.