ACL has welcomed Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s restatement of her party’s commitment to marriage being between a man and a woman following a reported push from Labor’s left faction for a policy shift in support of gay marriage.

Earlier this week, Ms Gillard rejected calls to allow a conscience vote on gay marriage, saying that the party had considered the issue at its last national conference.

''We came up with the answer … The party's policies and platform are that the Marriage Act should stay in its current form with marriage being between a man and a woman,'' she told the media.

It is pleasing to see the Prime Minister sticking with her pre-election commitments to the Christian constituency on this issue rather than giving into the well-publicised Greens’ agenda to permit same-sex marriage.

On the issue of the push for gay marriage, an article posted on the Australian Conservative website this week takes an interesting look at the reasons behind the gay establishment’s push for gay marriage and the consequences of promoting “genderlessness”. Click here to read the article, which features an interview with author, columnist and President of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, Maggie Gallagher.