In keeping with her commitment to the Christian constituency, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has ruled out a conscience vote for the ALP on a bid by the Australian Greens to legalise same-sex marriage.

Greens’ Senator Sarah Hanson-Young plans to introduce a same-sex marriage bill into the Upper House today and has announced that she will leave the bill to “sit there” while she pushes to get a conscience vote on the issue.

However, her push has been stymied by Ms Gillard’s unequivocal reinforcement of her party’s opposition to same-sex marriage and her rejection of a conscience vote on the issue.

"The Labor Party's got a clear position about the Marriage Act. So you should expect to see the Labor Party voting as a political party, voting in unison, if that position comes to Parliament," she told ABC radio this morning.

ACL welcomes the Prime Minister’s stance on this issue, which is in line with her clear pre-election commitment to the Christian constituency to maintain the current party policy on marriage for as long as she is the leader. The commitment was given during a filmed interview with Jim Wallace around two weeks before the election.