Prime Minister Julia Gillard has issued this statement to thank faith communities and churches for their role in flood clean-up efforts in Queensland:

In recent days I have seen all Australians contribute in their own ways to flood relief in Queensland, from picking up a shovel in a flooded house to passing around the hat in a workplace to organising sporting and cultural events as fundraisers.

I want to particularly acknowledge everything that faith communities all over Australia are doing to assist.

I have visited a church being used as an evacuation centre and seen the work being done amongst those in evacuation centres by church leaders. Faith-based charities have given crucial help to those in need.

Many flood victims I have met are also very grateful for the prayers that people of faith have been making. I know many churches specially dedicated Sunday, 16 January to pray for the flood victims, and that other faith communities will have similar observances in coming days.

So as Prime Minister can I offer this simple thank you to Australian faith communities for everything you are doing. No good work is wasted at a time like this.

The Honourable Julia Gillard MP
Prime Minister of Australia