Poker Machines

What is your personal opinion on the prevalence of poker machines in our community which is causing great hardship for a large number of families? Would you support measures to reduce government dependency on revenue from poker machines?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
 LNP  David Janetzki I don't use poker machines myself but accept that the majority who do, do so in a responsible manner for the purpose of entertainment. I believe governments should strive to achieve a balanced approach to the regulation of poker machines that respects people's personal choice and guarantees revenues received into the Gambling Community Benefit Fund are put to good use in our regions and help all Queenslanders. 
 FF  Alexandra Todd It is devastating that so many in the community are affected by gambling & addiction in many forms, and it is most concerning that the government is addicted to the revenue, I would do my best to reduce the dependency of the government on the funds, and reduce the number of poker machines in the community. I believe it would be appropriate for venues to refuse entry to problem gamblers, in the same way they refuse to serve alcohol to someone who is clearly inebriated.
 KAP  Ken Elliott a) Poker machines are more harmful than any perceived economic community benefit, b) I would support measures to reduce government dependency, this would be conditional on the content of the measures independently.
 IND  Rob Berry  Declined to answer
 GRN  Ken Gover  Declined to answer
 IND  Di Thorley  Declined to answer