13 July 2015

Recently released polling from the Examiner Newspaper shows the public are yet to be convinced on redefining marriage despite relentless campaigns from the gay lobby in Tasmania.

“It’s encouraging to see people are not being swayed by the inevitability rhetoric in the media,” said ACL Tasmanian Director Mark Brown.

“We are beginning to see some more public discussion surrounding the likely consequences of redefining marriage especially in regards to justice for children and attacks on fundamental freedoms like freedom of conscience, speech and religion.”

The poll results also send a strong affirmation to Launceston City Councillors in their decision earlier this year to reject a motion in support of same-sex marriage.

In March Councillors voted against the same-sex marriage motion 8-3, with one abstaining, believing it did not necessarily reflect ratepayers views or that the issue itself fell outside the purview of council business.

“This latest poll confirms their decision was a wise one. It also highlights the dangers of councils bowing to the bullying tactics of the gay lobby who called the Launceston Council ‘a disgrace to the city’ for not supporting the motion.

“Sadly, this kind of rhetoric has often characterised this issue. It does not foster healthy debate but rather intimidates people and stops them from speaking out because of fear of vilification.

“The poll also confirmed the wisdom of Tasmanian Federal Liberal Party Members in supporting the Federal Liberal Party’s policy on marriage. Only one in four Liberal voters in electorate of Lyons and 30% of Liberal respondents in Bass supported redefining marriage.