Media Release: Wednesday, 28 February, 2007

The pornographic film industry’s proposed Federal Court action to overturn X-ratings for adult films showing actual sex is nothing but a cynical attempt to make more money out of exploiting women and feeding into the problems of those with a predilection towards sexual offences.

That’s the opinion of the Australian Christian Lobby, which today said that film classification decisions need to be tougher, not looser.

Australian Christian Lobby Manager Director, Jim Wallace said that the pornographic film industry’s attempt to portray a so-called ‘change in community standards’ is all about self-interest and not about helping society.

“Forgive me if I doubt that the pornographic film industry is the best judge of community standards – but I do,” Mr Wallace said.

“In 2005 I showed excerpts of this type of material from films which were only R-rated to a range of politicians and they were disgusted. I think people sometimes under-rate our community standards and the desire of the great majority to improve the environment in which their children are raised.”

Mr Wallace said that just last week there was a lot of community concern over some of Victoria’s worst sex offenders having access to sexually explicit videos – but the videos in question were only rated M or MA15+.

“If we were concerned about the effect this material was having on those in custody, how much more concerned should we be about the effect even worse material might have on those not yet locked up,” Mr Wallace said.

“Rather than giving films showing real sex an R-classification, the Office of Film and Literature Classification needs to be making tougher classification decisions. Its guidelines should also be amended to get rid of loopholes which, for example, are already allowing real sex to be shown in ‘R’ rated films for reasons such as ‘artistic merit’.”

Contact: Glynis Quinlan