1 April 2016

Facing each other at a busy Brisbane intersection are two billboards with messages for young girls. One is sending the healthy message that girls can be girls and the other is of a naked female, seductively laying on a bed.


Australian Christian Lobby QLD Director Wendy Francis said the two billboards faced each other as if in a game of truth and dare.

“If it wasn’t so serious, it would be ludicrous,” Ms Francis said of the billboards located at the Brunswick Street and St Paul’s Terrace intersection, in Fortitude Valley.

“On the one hand we have a government funded campaign telling girls to “make their move”, by playing sport, enjoying life and being active. But directly opposite on a billboard three times the size, there is a naked female seductively advertising moisturiser.

“The message that this image portrays to girls is that by using this moisturiser young women will attain the result of being sexually attractive to men

“Is this really what we want our girls to see?

“Do we really want our children socialised by in-your-face sexualised billboards?

“The community has great concerns with children being exposed to sexualized material in public spaces. It is time that the advertising industry reflected community standards and used only G-rated material in public spaces.”

Ms Francis said it was another example of where the advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Board, has failed to meet community expectations.

In another recent case, the Australian Christian Lobby has been calling for the removal of a sexually exploitative billboard in Townsville which remains after the ASB confirmed a breach of guidelines over two years ago. (14th August 2013)

“We call on governments to introduce penalties for advertisers who refuse to abide by community standards,” Ms Francis said.


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