Small policy announcements often go unheard in busy election campaigns, but it is sometimes the simple policies that are the most positive. Lead Family First candidate for Queensland Wendy Francis has announced an innovative policy to encourage older Australians to remain strongly engaged with the community.

In a media release, Mrs Francis says that “Australia has an ageing population whose wealth of information and skills is currently going to waste”. She proposes the introduction of a voluntary mentoring system, where a pensioner or self-funded retiree would be paid $100 for 4 hours work per week assisting in schools, community groups or the corporate world.

The proposed policy not only seeks to retain in workplaces the knowledge of retirees, but also aims to tackle the isolation that many older Australians routinely experience. This can only be a good thing, as extended families are often dispersed over long distances.

Click here to find out more about the policy. Family First’s policy on ‘Older Australians, aged care and carers can be found here.