Thank you to the almost 60,000 Australians who signed our petition in the lead-up to the ALP’s National Conference. You have helped ensure parents are not criminalised for wanting to affirm their child’s biological gender!!

Almost 60,000 voices helped change the Australian Labor Party so-called 'LGBT conversion therapy' policy.

In signing the petition, almost 60,000 Australians made up the voice that single-handedly raised the alarm on what would have been a dangerous policy for parents, counsellors and even medical practitioners with a faith identity.

The amendment moved at the ALP National Conference in Adelaide on 17 December 2018, saw the party’s commitment to criminalise conversion therapy watered down. The ALP’s decision to back away from criminalising LGBT conversion therapies is great news for all parents and religious communities.

In Australia, in 2018, there are no Christian communities engaged in coercive, abusive, or otherwise demeaning practises. The recent suggestion by Equality Australia that such practises are ‘pervasive’ is simply untrue. 

We welcome the ALP’s response on this issue but acknowledge there is more work to do.