Thank you for praying for the newly elected federal parliament in Australia.

He has told you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?

Micah 6:8 ESV

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June 1 Please pray that our Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be an instrument of truth and justice. Pray that he will honour God in all he does.

June 2 Please pray that our new parliament will be committed to God’s truth. Pray that all elected Members, Senators, and those who work for them will know His truth.

June 3 Pray for the formation of ministerial portfolios amongst the elected government. Pray that Australia will be governed wisely. 

June 4 Please pray that the new parliament will be courageous in protecting freedom of religion in Australian. 

June 5 Pray for the new Senate of Australia. Pray that God will bless Senators with wisdom as they review legislation and grant them understanding of the complex issues they will be required to address.

June 6 Please pray for the newly elected House of Representatives. Ask God that these representatives will lead in the best interests of their electorate, and not for selfish gain or power.

June 7 Pray for all followers of Jesus serving as Members of Parliament. Ask God that He will empower them to stand firm in their convictions, and that they will perform their duties guided by His grace.

June 8 Pray for all new ministers beginning their first terms serving in parliament, and for the newly formed cabinet. Please pray that they will embrace their new roles with humility and skill, and they will serve for the benefit of Australia.

June 9 Pray for the creation of new Senate committees. Ask God that they will be formed with the common good of Australia in mind, and that their deliberations would seek wisdom to improve laws

June 10 Pray for the integrity of all ministers in the new parliament. Ask God to help them serve their constituents humbly and with integrity in all their actions.

June 11 Following God’s Word in Micah 6:8, ask that all ministers will act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly. Pray for God’s guidance over the new parliament, and for His blessing over Australia.

June 12 Pray that all members of parliament will be willing to listen to advocacy from ACL, and pray that Christians will be given the freedom to engage in democracy fairly.

June 13 Pray for the Opposition Leader, that he will lead the Labor Party well, and possess the humility to serve the legislative process fairly and wisely.

June 14 Pray for the Opposition shadow ministry. Pray that shadow spokespeople will fulfil their roles selflessly, for the sake of stable government and robust legislation that benefits Australia.

June 15 Pray urgently for freedom of speech. Following the Apostle Paul, ask that this parliament will allow Christians and people of faith to lead peaceful and quiet lives without persecution, and ask that they will uphold this freedom in all areas of life.

June 16 Thank God that Australia has historically upheld freedom of association. And ask that people will continue to enjoy the freedom to meet without pressure of persecution or legal action.

June 17 Please pray that parliament will ensure freedom from discrimination for the vulnerable in society. Ask God that Christians will stand up for others, and that they themselves will not face legal discrimination for their beliefs.

June 18 Please pray earnestly that parliament will not succumb to political pressures that seek to restrict parental rights. 

June 19 Pray for freedom of conscience in Australia. Ask God for the parliament to be wise in considering all legislation and that it will uphold the right for people to believe, and to live in accordance with their beliefs. 

June 20 Pray for Martyn Iles, ACL’s Managing Director. Ask God that Martyn and the ACL team will continue to forge successful and fruitful relationships with key parliamentarians for the sake of protecting truth.

June 21 Please pray that Christians will be united as we seek to make truth public.

June 22 Pray that disagreements with politicians held in the public squares, such as on social media and in the media, will be managed with grace towards each other.

June 23 Please pray that the new parliament will work cooperatively with ACL as we fight for freedom of religion in Australia.

June 24 Please pray for ACL events that, through equipping Christians to live out their faith in public, our movement would grow and impact our nation with the truth.

June 25 Please pray for the families of all those serving in parliament. Ask God that He will keep them safe, and provide support for those serving in such a strenuous job.

June 26 Pray for politicians as they work with the Indigenous people of Australia. Ask God that the elected government will be committed to helping them through many unique challenges.

June 27 Thank God for our parliament’s founding Christian heritage. Ask that the parliament will uphold the tradition of the Lord’s Prayer as a reminder they are not the highest power.

June 28 Please pray that politicians will see the good work of Christians across Australia. Pray that they will uphold Christian charities, organisations, and individuals for the good of the poor and vulnerable.

June 29 Pray that the elected government will engage with state parliaments fruitfully and effectively. Pray especially that there will be good relationships that promote justice and freedoms across all parts of Australia.

June 30 Please pray for ACL. Ask God that they will be able to effectively mobilise all Christians to stand for truth in a changing world that continues to become more and more hostile.