My name is Nancy.

Five years ago I approached an abortion clinic in Croydon, Victoria.

I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time with a little girl. The pregnancy was unexpected and I made an appointment at the clinic in response to pressure from her father.

Despite not sleeping the night before, I kept the appointment. I thought that it would stop all of his angry outbursts.

As the taxi I had booked approached the clinic, I could see that there were some people nearby. I stepped out, and was gently approached by an older lady who gave me a brochure. Her only words were, “Do you really want to do this?”

I said, “No.”

These people comforted and reassured about how they could help me to keep my baby. I did keep my little girl, but it became necessary to get an intervention order against her father.

People speak negatively about “the protesters” at the front of abortion clinics, but these lovely people saved me and my baby. They even helped me pre- and post-birth by dedicating their time and care so generously.

I am so glad they were there for me.

If it wasn’t for the pro-life advocates outside that abortion clinic that day and the advice they offered about other options, I would have ended my pregnancy – and my beautiful daughter Ava would not be here today.

My baby Ava is like a special gift from the heavens. Words cannot explain how protective I have become of her from that traumatic time until now. I try so hard to overlook all the problems and just enjoy every experience with her.

I have enjoyed every single moment of my precious child that I was blessed with. She is a gift of total love! Ava makes me a better person – she is my sunshine!

Ava is now 4. She is endlessly curious about the world around her. She loves the world and everything it offers. She has lots of friends and thrives on learning.

She is a delight to my mother and our whole family.

The Government's 'Safe Access Zones' Bill, proposing to keep people who offer abortion alternatives 150 metres away from the clinics, denies access to help for pregnant women, like me.  I ask Members of Parliament to vote against this Bill so that women like me can have real choice.

Nancy C.