23 July 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today called on Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne to de-fund the $8 million Safe Schools Coalition of Australia which is promoting radical sexual experimentation in Australian schools.

“Bullying for any reason is wrong and should be combatted but teaching primary school students about ‘queer sex’ and cross-dressing without parental permission is not the way to do this,” ACL spokesperson Wendy Francis said.

Some of the inappropriate material promoted in the 361 schools now taking the program include:

“It may come as a surprise, but there is no strict definition for virginity, especially if you’re queer. Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex, and certainly not the ultimate sex. If you ask me, virginity is whatever you think it is.”

(Source OMG I’m Queer Safe Schools student resource).

Ms Francis said this and other material was being promoted in primary and high schools around the nation with the program most recently moving into nine Queensland schools.

“Our society is already over-sexualised without extreme sexual material and gender theory being promoted in schools.

“Children have the right to their innocence.  The political ideology carried by this program denies children this right.”

Students are taught that it is ok to change gender, for boys to wear girls’ school uniforms and that they should be allowed to girls’ toilets.

“Girls’ toilets should always be a safe place for them and should be off limits to a boy who might be transitioning into a girl.

“No one should be bullied at school, including children grappling with same-sex attraction or gender confusion. But promoting radical sexual and gender theories to children without parental consent is not the role of the Federal or State Governments.”

Safe Schools was funded during the final days of the Gillard Government and launched by the then Education Minister Bill Shorten. Its funding was retained by the Abbott Government until 2017.

The program also urges children to support the political push to abolish husband and wife from the Marriage Act (Source p22. Stand Out Safe Schools Publication).

“Many of those promoting Safe Schools, such as Labor Senator Penny Wong and Mr Shorten, are also behind the political push to change the definition of marriage in law.

“If this is where this political agenda is taking us, people should be rightly asking ‘what comes next?’ if same-sex marriage is legislated.”

Ms Francis urged concerned parents to contact their local federal and state members of parliament. Safe Schools is funded federally but state governments allow access to schools.

Residents of Queensland can sign the e-petition urging the Queensland Parliament to deny access to Safe Schools in Queensland schools.


  • During the 2013 federal election campaign, Bill Shorten and Penny Wong announced an $8 million program to “stop homophobia”. The “Safe Schools Coalition” program officially commenced in 2014 under the Coalition Government.

  • Since then it has been teaching students that heterosexuality is not the norm, and encouraging students to explore sexual and gender diversity.

  • The program materials also include graphic descriptions and tips for gay and lesbian sex.

Quotes from Safe Schools publications

“Scott, you like boys and girls, I like Asian women. Neither of us can help that, it’s just who we are”

(Source: OMG I’m Queer Safe Schools student resource)

“Heteronormativity: The assumption that everyone is straight. It’s pretty easy to do, especially when you don’t know many SSA or GD people. It’s also the assumption that you have to act a certain way because of your gender.”

(Source OMG I’m Queer Safe Schools student resource)

“Everyone should be able to wear the uniform that makes them comfortable.  No one should be made to feel uneasy, especially when they’re at school”

(Source Gender is not uniform Safe Schools school resource)