As I am sure you are all aware, the prostitution debate is becoming white hot in the halls of the Western Australian parliament at the moment. The government is trying to hurry through the legislation that will legalise prostitution and time is running short. As it stands, the government appears not as confident as it once was that the Prostitution Bill 2011 will pass through as easily as first thought. This is a great opportunity for anyone who opposes prostitution being legalised to voice their concerns to their local MP. I encourage you all to write an email to your local member voicing your concern at the Bill. You can do this very easily through our Make a Stand website by following the links to the “Women are Worth More” campaign. Keep in mind that while this only takes a few minutes of your time, a woman who is in prostitution is exploited for years. Let’s do all we can to keep her from entering into that exploitation.

See last week's media release on the Prostitution Bill 2011 for more information.