prostitution law

The SA parliament has unsuccessfully attempted to reform prostitution law in SA for many years. It is clear that prostitution degrades women by objectifying them as commodities for men’s sexual gratification. Internationally, policies discouraging demand for sexual services are proving to be the most effective way of limiting both the size of and the harms resulting from prostitution. The progressive “Nordic model” criminalises the buyer of sex, not the provider, and provides viable pathways for those wishing to exit prostitution.

Would you support a Nordic Model Bill in the next parliament to help vulnerable women in SA?


Labor Party Position:

No Labor members have answered the questionnaire. The issue of prostitution is generally dealt with as a conscience vote in the Labor Party. The attempt to decriminalise prostitution was co-sponsored by Steph Key, the ALP member for Badcoe, who is retiring this election. It is thought that some Labor members notably Tom Kenyon, Tom Koutsantonis, John Rau, Leesa Vlahos, Peter Malinauskas and perhaps Dana Wortley would not support decriminalisation of prostitution and some like Leesa Vlahos and Tom Kenyon may support a Nordic Model bill.


SA Best Position:

There has been only one response from an SA Best candidate. That response advised there is no party policy on this as yet.


The Greens Position:

No SA Greens candidate has answered the questionnaire. However in State Parliament last year the Greens members supported the decriminalisation of prostitution.