The ACL has launched its "Kids' rights count" campaign in response to the recent tabling of the Surrogacy Bill in Tasmania, which would allow singles and same sex couples to acquire a baby.

Surrogacy is a process whereby a woman agrees to carry a child to birth, before relinquishing care of the child to his or her ‘intended parent(s)’.

Whilst the sentiment of the bill seems commendable – assisting childless couples to become parents as a last resort – the bill is a minefield for children, who could be commissioned to be placed in homes without a mother or father, often deliberately separated from their biological parent(s).

This campaign is to ‘make a stand’ on behalf of the yet born, whose voice is tragically never heard in a debate of this nature – even when it centres on the wellbeing and best interests of children!

Please visit the ‘Kids’ rights count’ campaign at to email your Lower and Upper House members about this bill. The site contains plenty of information on this important legislation, and helpful hints on what to write to your local MP.

ACL understands that the ALP will vote as a party bloc on this controversial legislation, no doubt putting some its members in an awkward position. The Liberals are yet to decide their position. Your contribution to the debate will go a long way in shaping its outcome. Please act NOW!